Pirates Gold Slot Review

Pirates Gold is a five reel, three row and five single payline title developed by Net Entertainment Inspired by the developers classic slot titles, Pirates Gold emulates a realistic slot machine situated in a and based casino.


The machine itself is the sole focus, with the background providing subtle triggers that accomplish the loo and feel of a land based casino environment. The reels in Pirates Gold are diminished in comparison to other titles available.

The slots layout is simple and easy to navigate through. The buttons feature standard slots options, which makes wagering customization options available to players opting for a more strategic approach.

Pirates Gold is more than meets the eye, at first glance the slot seems minimalist and understated, playing Pirates Gold reveals a combination of modern slot characteristics combined with classic slot game play.

The graphics and reel symbols are basic and cartoon like. The game play is smooth and frame rates run without any distracting lag times. Pirates Gold slot is an entertaining offering from Net Entertainment that incorporates more than meets the eye in the form of a extra bonus feature, which keeps the slot keyed up.

Pirate Gold Reel Symbols

Themed around a pirate captain who can be seen clutching golden jewellery just above the reels and his faithful companion a green parrot, set to tackle the ocean one a wave at a time. Pirates Gold symbols include graphics themed around boot strapping, loot loading high seas adventures.

The reels symbols include a skull and crossbones pirate flag, a wooden treasure chest, a parrot popping in, a cutlass, a golden ring encrusted with a ruby red stone, a cannon, a shell and a golden coin featuring the Pirates Gold main character.

Bonus Symbol

Pirates Gold makes use of a bonus symbol, a clever feature that is unnoticeable at first glance. The gold coin complete with the Pirates Gold main character represents the bonus symbol in Pirates Gold slot title. Players should remove their eye patches when spinning the reels and be on the lookout for the gold coin, as it will trigger the bonus feature of the slot.

Pirates Gold Bonus Feature

Landing a lucky spin featuring three Pirates Gold coins will trigger the bonus round of the slot.

Once the bonus feature initiates, players will be automatically prompted to an alternative game. In this phase you will need to align your cannon just right to shoot and destroy other ships passing by the island.

The game will now redirect you to a winnings total screen. If your sinking blow in the previous phase was lucrative enough you will be awarded with the golden key and automatically advanced to the next phase of the bonus game making it one of the best online pokies in Australia. If you are not lucky on this attempt and no golden key is found, the feature will end and you have the possibility to try again by retriggering the bonus feature.

If players have received the golden key, the next phase will begin. The parrot will snatch the golden key and fly away. Players will need to guide the parrot to one of five lucky treasure chests. Each chest will reveal random prize winnings.