NBA Betting In New Zealand

These days New Zealand NBA fans and NBA betting fans are certainly not spoilt for choice when it comes to placing wagers online.  NBA fans in New Zealand are bound to have their favourite team to bet on and they can choose from either the Western or Eastern teams for NBA betting activities.

Teams In NBA Betting


Atlanta Hawks

Brooklyn Nets

Boston Celtics

Chicago Bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers

Detroit Pistons

Miami Heat

Indiana Pacers

Milwaukee Bucks

Orlando Magic

New York Knicks

Toronto Raptors

Philadelphia 76ers

Washington Wizards


Dallas Mavericks

Golden State Warriors

Denver Nuggets

Houston Rockets

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Clippers

Memphis Grizzlies

New Orleans Pelicans

Minnesota Timber Wolves

Oklahoma City Thunder

Phoenix Suns

Sacramento Kings

Portland Trail Blazers

Utah Jazz

San Antonio Spurs

Type of Bets Available Online

As with all online sports betting NZ, NBA betting offers a wide range of bet types to Kiwi punters. The NBA season runs from late October each year to mid-June, and provides many games to bet on.

Points Spreads Betting – a point spread is the most common type of bet in NBA.  Usually you can bet on both team at -110 (e.g. bet $110 to get a winning of $100).  The discrepancy between both of the teams is made up by a handicap of points. A typical points spread line looks something like this: Team X -5.5 versus Team Y +5.5.  If you chose Team X then they must win the game by a minimum of six points for you to score. If you selected Team Y instead, you will win if team Y either wins outright or if they lost by five or less points. The benefits of this type of betting are that underdog bettors have an opportunity to bet on their team and have some extra points as a form of insurance.

Parlays – this type of NBA betting option is when you select two or more teams, and all of the teams that you picked must win their match to ensure you a winning wager.  The more legs that you add to your parlay (or sides) the bigger the payout is if all of your legs win their matches. Obviously though these are more risky bets to play, but the winning options are much higher.  Parlays are advised for NBA betting fans who really know the NBA teams and players well.

Money Line NBA Betting – for New Zealand punters who don’t want to use the point spread type of bets they are able to bet on basketball money line instead.  On the money line (which is the most favoured form of betting on other sports), you would see options like this: Team X -130, i.e. bet $130 to win $100 versus Team Y +110, i.e. bet $100 to win $110.  This is a great option for punters who are sure that their team will win, but in cases where they are hesitant to give up any points on a points spread, and also underdog bettors that are super confident in their team winning straight will be able to get a superior price than they could have gotten on a points spread system.