Horse Racing In Emerald Sunflower Festival Queensland

The first horses hit the ground in Australia in 1788, it was said that the horses shipped over included one stallion, one colt, three mares and two fillies. Many towns throughout the country shortly after adopted this horse-fanatic culture. It started off with thoroughbred breeding and quickly turned into an age-old horse racing craze that […]

Female Tennis Betting With The Federation Cup

Tennis is one of those sports that have been adopted by many different nations all around the world and as a result has a lot of different international tournaments in order to compete the players of each nation against each other. One such tournament is the Federation Cup or Fed Cup as it is known […]

Simplifying the Concept of Sports Betting Online Sites in Australia

Sports betting in Australia come with so many benefits to every bettor that chooses to take part. This short article will outline some of the reasons as to why any person looking to make bets on their favourite sports should choose to go online. Apart from the variety of sports that are all available in […]

Edenhope Cup

Edenhope is small town in Victoria, Australia and is located on the Wimmera Highway in the Shire of the same name. Established in the 1800s, the town sits on Lake Wallace’s shores and is a popular destination for water sports and fishing enthusiasts. The town also offers a golf course and has a cairn commemorating […]

CS:GO Betting Predictions; Advice and Free Bets

CS:GO betting predictions are becoming more sought after thanks to how much more mainstream this type of wagering is becoming, available now on the majority of the larger professional tournaments and leagues. Those who are interested in this enjoyable pastime should know that it pays to be smarter and more calculated with their investments, and […]