Betting on The Tour de France

This year the Tour de France will take place from 7 to 29 July.  This race is the most well known cycling event on the sporting calendar and creates great excitement as the time draws nearer. The Tour de France is also a great betting opportunity.  Betting on those who seem to have no chance of winning will yield greater payouts and the odds are always much higher.

The betting odds for the Tour de France are forecast by analysts, but problems arise when the bettors skew the odds by always placing bets on the favourites even though the stats may show differently.  For the smart bettor this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the odds in their favour.

Types of Bets

There is a selection of bets when betting on the Tour de France or any other cycling event.  The standard markets such as straight bets are as easy as playing online pokies, and bettors bet on who the overall winner will be or the winner of a particular stage.  Other betting markets such as prop bets include more obscure bets in some cases such as if a cyclist may fall during the race or even silly bets such as how many naked people will be seen on the TV.  There are also parlays, which are a combination of bets and these offer increased payouts if won.

Other betting options include the winner of the mountain classification, leader of the points sprint, the winning time gap, who the stage winners will be, which cyclists will complete the whole tour or which cyclists will wear the coveted yellow jersey.  These are just a few options.  There are many online sites offering many betting options.

Tips for Tour de France Betting

When betting on any sport it is important to have good money management and putting aside a certain amount of money for betting.  Placing bets that pay out double or more are good odds but bets that are even should be avoided even if they look promising, as they do not have value.

Before the Tour de France starts bettors will be prudent to follow the cyclists.  Because the Tour de France starts in July the cyclists will be planning and training for six months already.  What most bettors do not consider is that not all of the cyclists are riding to win and this tour is a team effort and cyclists often strategize together to allow their best cyclist to win.  Their aim is to clear a path for their best cyclist by blocking rivals and opening the way.

If a cyclist takes part in the Giro de Italia it probably means that they are probably not the main rider of the team.  The Giro de Italia is a strenuous race and takes place only 30 days before the Tour de France.  If any cyclists take part in both tours betting on them to win the Tour de France is probably not a good betting option.

Beginner cyclists do not usually win, but may win stages now and again.  The favourites will usually take it slow at the start of the race and others will take the lead.  About half way through the race the favourite will take the lead and at this point bettors should be able to get some idea of how the tour will pan out.

With so many betting options the Tour is a great way to enjoy a popular sporting event and to make some extra money.