Play iSoftBet Presents Basic Instinct Slot Game On Mobile

Basic Instinct was a movie that came out in the nineties, known mostly for being overly raunchy and featuring a great deal of the naked body of a younger Sharon Stone. It caused a stir at the time, and many flocked to see it simply because of the controversy. The slot game came out a few years later, and is still available to play at many online casinos.

Sadly, those who were hoping that the slot game might capture some of the controversy of the will be disappointed, since the game is a rather generic game, offering little in the way of innovation. The only real connection to the movie is a few still images of Sharon Stone, and even those look a little low resolution by modern standards.

The game play, however, is still solid enough to be enjoyable, and since the game uses a massive two hundred and forty three play lines, hardly a spin will go by without a win of some description being achieved. The game is available to play on desktop computer, mobile phone and tablet.

Basic Instinct Play Rules

As with all slot games, Basic Instinct requires the player to first make an initial bet, after which the reels are set into motion. Upon the reels stopping, matching sequences in the play area will grant payouts. The game uses a few recognisable images from the movie, such as the ice pick and handcuffs, with the ice pick being the most valuable in the game.

A few less recognisable symbols, such as a police badge car are also present but have considerably lower value. The generic ten, jack, queen, king, and ace are used to fill out the remaining symbols, and have the lowest value in the game. There are also a number of bonus symbols, which offer the biggest payouts in the game, and prominently feature images of a sultry Sharon Stone.

Special Features

There are three bonus symbols in this mobile casino Australia game, including the extra wilds symbol, the free spins symbol, and the wild drop symbol. Note that in the Basic Instinct game each of the bonus symbols is stacked, meaning that it occupies three places on the reels.

Depending on how many of the three segments are exposed in the play area, the payout or bonus will be more or less. The first of the bonus symbols, the free spins symbol, features Sharon Stone with a car. When the symbol lands in the play area it will grant free spins, more if all three of the symbols are exposed, less if only one segment is exposed.

The second, the bonus wilds, features Sharon Stone in a white blazer, and each segment of the symbol acts as a wild and matches with other symbols, creating bonus payouts. The last and most unique is the wild drops symbol, featuring Sharon Stone in a red dress. If landed, the segments of the symbol will lock in place on the reels, and drop down one space with each consecutive spin. This allows bonus wins until the symbol vanishes out the bottom of the play area.

A Classic Slot In The Leading Locations On the Web

Slot games have evolved a great deal since their invention, with modern digital slot games so far beyond the clunky devices of the past that it’s difficult to believe one is related to the other. Take a look at the metal and cogs device that was the original slot game design, compare it to a sleek modern slot game which supports high definition graphics, and wonder how the gamblers of old would react if they could glimpse the future.

It is not just the physical design that has evolved, however, as multiple play lines and five reel designs are also a modern advancement. The original slot games had only three reels, and one play line.

So, it is obvious technology has come a long way, but let’s be honest, sometimes a person just wants to get away from complicated modern designs and get back to the roots of a game. Classic slot games are still fun, and some even argue a purer form of the concept. But where can a modern gambler get access to old classic games? Here is a brief look at how to play a classic slot in the leading locations online.

Queen Of The Nile

Queen of the Nile and Queen of the Nile 2 were the first games to introduce multiple play lines. At the time this was a revolutionary idea, and players flocked to casinos to experience this new style of slot game. If looking for a classic slot in the leading locations online, try searching for the Queen of the Nile. It is fondly remembered, even if slot games have come a long way since then, and it is fortunate that the game has been ported over to the digital world.

Many leading Australian online pokies casinos offer Queen of the Nile, and it is, remarkably, completely unchanged. Everything from the sounds to the symbol designs have been perfectly recreated, so much so that a person could forget the game was originally played on a physical machine, only available in real world casinos. Best of all, Queen of the Nile is also offered to play for free, allowing gamblers to take a nostalgia trip without having to spend a cent. If wanting to play for real money, this option is also of course available.

Fruit And Bars

But perhaps in the search for a classic slot in the leading locations online you would like to go back even further then Queen of the Nile, to a time where cherries, bananas, bells, and bar symbols where the norm. Yes, these retro classics are also available, and leading online casinos still offer them. Amazingly, these relics from an age long past are even designed to include the sounds of coins falling into the machine, the cogs working as they turn the reels, and the clatter of coins falling into a metal bucket. As apposed to Queen of the Nile, these old games used only one play line, which seems bizarre in hindsight. Still, however, there is something to be said for taking a trip down memory lane, and when looking for a classic slot in the leading locations online, it might be worth having a reminder of how slot games felt in a time before the digital age.

1429 Uncharted Seas Slot Game To Enjoy Online!

1429 Uncharted Seas is an online slot game. It features a five reel, twenty pay line system, with the betting amount allowed to be changed between spins. Note, however, that play lines may not be adjusted, and all twenty lines are automatically played on. This lack of choice for the player is disappointing, but the visual design and style are where this game really shines, helping it stand apart from others for the sheer amount of effort that has gone into making the game a feast for the eyes. The game is designed to represent the charts of a sea captain from times long past, with all symbols and graphics designed to represent the style of the era.

Each symbol is lovingly created to appear as hand drawn mysterious sea monsters, or map symbols, and the result is charming to say the least. The sound design, punctuated by the lapping of ocean against a ship’s flanks, is equally well realised, making 1429 Uncharted Seas an outstanding slot game that deserves to be played, simply to appreciate the obvious passion of the developers.

Standard Play Features

The symbols of the game are either sea monsters or map symbols, with the monsters having the greatest value. The mermaid symbol, her calm face strangely alluring, is the most valuable in the game, paying out a good amount if matched the maximum of five times, or minimum of three times. The blue compass symbols are the least valuable in the game, along with the sun and moon symbols, which all offer only minor payouts, even if matching five times.

Some of the other symbols include a giant squid, and a terrifying giant lobster, who seems to be crushing an unlucky sailor in his enormous pincers. To really strike it lucky, however, and rake in cash in 1429 Uncharted Seas, the online casino Australia player must pay attention to the two bonus symbols; the ship and the compass.

Big Wins Via Bonuses

The wild symbol in the 1429 Uncharted Seas slot game is represented by a ship. It will match with all other symbols to create matching sequences, even where a match was previously impossible with standard symbols. The first thing to note about the wild symbol is that it is expanding, meaning that it will always occupy one whole row of the play area when triggering. This, of course, allows for multiple matches to be created, which is always a welcome treat on the wallet.

The second thing to note is the delightful animation that plays when the wild symbol triggers. It involves a vicious sea serpent rising from the ocean and lifting the ship out of the water. There is also a scatter symbol in the game, which can be recognised by its design as a compass.  This symbol will grant free spins if matched, with the more spins granted the higher match value. A match of three will grant ten spins, a match of four twenty spins, and a match of five an enormous fifty spins. If won, free spins will play out automatically.

The History Of Fruit Machines

Fruit machines should not be confused with slot machines as although they are similar, they are not the same thing.  Fruit machines did however develop from the slot machine and their rich histories are closely linked.

The slot machine was invented by Charles Fey during the late 1800’s and by 1910 these games could be found almost everywhere, but in 1909 the law was changed no longer allowing the slot machines to pay out cash. Bar owners and manufacturers paid out winners in free gum and various other prizes, and some say this is how the fruit and bar designs came about.

In 1919 America introduced prohibition which meant that alcohol was illegal and the slot machines were moved into speakeasies, and the owners of these establishments went back to offering cash payouts to their players.  In 1931 gaming was legalised in Nevada and companies began to manufacture slot machines to supply casinos with the ever growing popularity of the slot machine.

Fruit machines are very popular in the UK and can be found in pubs, clubs and gaming arcades and across the globe these games are very popular in online casinos.

Online Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are not random like slot machines although they may look the same. Fruit machines pay out higher amounts as more money is put into the machine and if the machine does not pay out the machine will eventually be forced to pay out. With online fruit machines the jackpots that are offered are bigger.

The fruit machines that online casinos offer may look the same as land-based machines and they do offer the same format – standard symbols, single payline and three reels, but online fruit machines offer state-of-the-art graphics and include video bonus games and some even offer symbols and animation which look very different to the land-based fruit machine.

With new technology players are offered five reels plus more than three paylines and some online casinos give their players free play. Players can still enjoy the authentic feeling of the real fruit machine, but online casinos offer extra features, such as themes and bonus features. The bonus feature may be another game, but on a separate screen which will allow the player to win more, and this may be in the form of a nudge or hold.

Online fruit machines require some skill, but are nonetheless great fun to play and this is what makes them popular.  Unlike fruit machines ordinary slots do not require any skill, while online fruit machines give you the chance to get closer to winning. Online fruit machines also offer an easy screen to follow. Everything you need to know is on the screen and the instructions are easy to follow.

Fruit Machine Tips

Look out for any special promotions or bonuses that are being offered as well as any rebates or prizes on offer. Online casino Malaysia will offer bonuses and other advantages to players who remain loyal to their site.  When playing fruit machines for the first time it is always a good idea to first play for free until you are familiar with the rules of the game before playing for real money. Always remember it is not just about winning but having fun.  Do not play with money that you cannot afford to lose and above all, enjoy the game!

Grand Monarch Online Slot Details

Grand Monarch is an online slot game created by renowned casino software provider International Game Technology. This slot game is based on a natural theme, and revolves around the majestic Monarch butterfly for which the game is named.

The main bonus feature in Grand Monarch is the Super-Rich Free Spins feature, in which players can win up to 255 free spins. Also included are Grand Monarch wild symbols that appear stacked on the reels to create extra winning combinations on the reels both during the base game and the main feature.

Themes and Graphics of Grand Monarch

The butterfly and nature theme of Grand Monarch is evident in the game’s design, extending from the backdrop to the reels and the symbols on them. Grand Monarch is set against a lush backdrop that depicts a forest filled with greenery and wild flowers. The game’s reels dominate the screen, and the design of these reels, the paylines and the pay table have been kept simple and are displayed in muted colours. This draws full attention to the symbols on the reels, which are richly coloured, highly detailed and lifelike.

The reel symbols depict a variety of colourful flowers, a caterpillar and the Grand Monarch butterfly against a dark red backdrop. These reel symbols all feature themed sound effects and animations when they are involved in a winning combination, adding a further element of interest to the game’s graphics.

On the Reels

On the reels of the Grand Monarch online slot are a pink lotus flower, golden sunflowers, large blue daisies, a striped caterpillar and the main symbol, the Monarch butterfly herself. Also featured are standard playing card symbols 9, 10, J, Q, K and A, each in a different bright hue.

Wild Symbol and Stacked Wilds

The Monarch butterfly is the Grand Monarch wild symbol. This wild symbol appears stacked on the reels, and may cover whole slot reels to create additional winning combinations. The wild symbol can substitute for all other symbols in the game except for the caterpillar scatter symbol.

The butterfly symbol is also Grand Monarch’s highest paying symbol, awarding a jackpot of 1,000 coins per coin bet when 5 of these symbols spin in on a winning payline.

Scatter Symbol

The caterpillar icon is the Grand Monarch scatter symbol. This symbol appears on reels 2, 3 and 4 during both the based game and the free spins feature. Landing a scatter symbol on each of these reels during the online casino Sri Lanka base game will activate the Super-Rich Free Spins feature.

Super Rich Free Spins Feature

Once the Super-Rich Free Spins feature has been activated, players will be awarded an initial 5 free spins with which to play. Players can also claim additional free spins during the feature by landing more scatter symbols on the reels. Again, a caterpillar scatter symbol must land on reels 2, 3 and 4 during the free spins feature for players to be awarded more free spins in multiples of 5 each time, awarding anywhere up to 255 free spins in total.

Hitman Online Slots with a Dark Tone

Microgaming’s Hitman video slots game is based on the popular computer game series of the same name. Fans of mysterious hired killer Agent 47 will recognise the slots game’s stark, graphic novel-style animations and foreboding theme music from the original. The game has a dark tone in keeping with its murderous subject matter. It is interrupted from time to time with short, high-quality animations of Agent 47 going about his deadly business.

Hitman is a five reel game with 15 bet lines, but players are not necessarily limited to much lower payouts than those offered by games with 25 bet lines or more. This is because Hitman has an unusual number of bonus features that make bigger wins possible. A striking feature of the game is the absence of the traditional A, K, Q, J and 10 poker icons; all the Hitman slots symbols are related to the original computer game.

Hitman Symbols and Expanding Wild

Wins on Hitman require two or more of the medium win symbols and three or more low win symbols matched consecutively from the leftmost reel. The low win symbols are the tools of the Hitman’s trade; a garrotte, a knife, a syringe and poison, a sniper rifle and two handguns. The medium win symbols are an envelope of money and three different icons featuring Agent 47: preparing for a job, loading a weapon and taking a shot.

The Wild icon is the Hitman in his iconic pose, with handguns crossed over his chest. The Wild substitutes for any symbol except the bonus icons, and it also comes with a very profitable expanding feature. If the Wild comes up on reels two, three or four, it expands to fill the entire reel and thus maximises the number of potential wins.

Hitman Bonus Features

The Contract Bonus gives players a chance to win up to 270 000 coins. Its icon is a laptop displaying the word “Bonus”, and if one lands on reels two, three or four, it trigger the Contract Bonus round. In a sequence of impressive animations, players are required to pick a target (which determines the original bonus value) and then pick a weapon to do the job (which determines the multiplier). The value of these choices is only revealed after the play, of course, but the player then receives the original target value multiplied by the multiplier.

The Insignia Bonus makes use of the computer lucky nugget casino game’s famous insignia as an icon. If three insignias land on reels one, two or three, the player must pick one, which will determine the size of the bonus won. It can be as much as 6 000 coins. Ironically, Hitman’s scatter symbol is the computer game’s age restriction certification: the familiar 18 in a circle. Three, four or five scatter icons in any position trigger the free bonus round, with 18 free spins. All bonus features, wilds and multipliers operate during free spins round, so three or more 18s during bonus rounds will trigger another 18 free spins.

Online Fisticuffs Slots Game Introduction

The classic game of Fisticuffs slots all revolves around a boxing match taking place in the early 1900s. Fighters need to punch their way to victory in this game. With a theoretical payout percentage of 96.7%, Fisticuffs compares quite favorably with many other online slots games.

Win Both Ways

The game consists of 5 columns and 3 rows, with 10 betting lines and game play works in a similar fashion to many other online slots games. Players can win both ways, and go for straight wilds or diagonal wilds. Players will also discover the boxing feature re-spins, which is an added extra that forms part of this slots game.

Win both ways means that the win lines can be created from top left all the way to the right or from the top right running to the left.

Players can use wild symbols to substitute for any other symbols. This means that winning bet lines can be created. Once a minimum number of wild symbols show up on the reels, the boxing feature re-spin can be activated and used for playing.

Fisticuffs Paytable

Players should consult the Fisticuffs paytable to find out what winnings are up for grabs, and how to go about aiming for a win. The paytable will indicate which symbols form part of a winning combination. Players should be able to view how many coins can be won for certain combinations that show up on the win line in the game.

Remember that only the highest winnings on a particular bet line will actually be paid out during Fisticuffs. If it turns out that winnings are appearing on more than one win line, these winnings will be added together.

Pay attention to the minimum and maximum bets for the slots game. It is important to be aware of these, particularly for players looking or hoping for a big jackpot win.

Basic Fisticuffs Playing Instructions

Once a player has selected their coin value and bet, the big round middle button can be used to start a spin. The bet level can be set, based on the number of coins per bet line.

Fisticuffs include an auto play function, which can be activated using the auto play button. If a player does decide they want to go for the maximum bet on each spin, they can make use of the Max Bet button. The coin value button will allow players to set the value of the coins they use when playing.

Betting and Game Options

This slots game is available in real money mode, but also in free or no deposit mode. The video introduction that is provided as part of the game is a good way for players to get a preview of the game interface. Remember that the video introduction can be turned off for players who wish to return to a site to play the game, and don’t want to re-watch the video.

This slots game offers 10 fixed bet lines. Players can pick from 10 different online betting USA levels. In addition, it is possible to set the value of coins. For new players, the coin value refers to the money that a single coin is worth.

How To Play Slots Online To Take Maximum Benefit

Slot games are well known around the world, the majority of which use the same traditional rules. A player is required to make a bet, after which the reels are sent into motion. If matching sequences are created by symbols in the play area, the player is paid out according to the value of the sequence. In days of old the game used a mechanical system, and required the player to pull a lever that set the device into motion.

Today, of course, slot games are digital. Mechanical or digital, however, the chances of winning a slot game, at least to a degree where the player is making a profit, are the same. The question many players ask is this; is there any way to increase the chances of winning at a slot machine? The answer is; not really. Slot games are set to payout a certain amount, and will not payout more or less, no matter what the player does. There are, however, ways in which to minimise losses and take advantage of wins. Here are a few tips on how to play slots more effectively.

Betting Lines

The first tip in how to play slots more effectively is that many slot games have betting lines. A betting line is a set arrangement on the slot game where a sequence can be made, generally indicated by a solid line. In days of old slot games had only one line, offering only one chance to win. Modern slots, however, offer as many as a thousand lines.

The trick is that these lines must be opened by the player making a larger upfront bet. The more lines open mean a greater chance of winning, which makes it seem logical that all lines should be active all the time. The question is this; is it beneficial to a player to always have all the betting lines open? The answer is; no, it is not.

A online slots casino Australia always only pays out a predetermined amount of the time, which means that some spins are guaranteed to not payout. Having the lines open for a spin where no payout is made is a complete waste. Of course, predicting when the payouts will occur is not easy. The best possible approach a player can take when considering how to play slots is to raise and lower the betting lines, according to how likely the slot game is to make payouts. It is not by any means an exact science, but it will help in reducing losses.

Bet Amount

The next tip in how to play slots more effectively is by far the most important. The initial bet a player makes determines how much they could win, and hence, often, a player will make a larger bet in hopes of scoring big. The trick is, once again, that a slot game will not payout every round, and larger bets are often wasted.  The bet should only be set higher in anticipation of a big win, and left at a lower amount for the majority of the time. In fact, only one in every ten spins should be raised, according to statistics.

Play Dolphin Reef Online Slots With Ease

Presenting a playful underwater theme, Dolphin Reef is an online video slot game from NextGen Gaming that invites players, along with a few aquatic creatures, to uncover the treasures of the deep blue.

The Dolphin Reef slot games contain 5 reels, along with 20 paylines and a handful of bonus features that promise additional winning opportunities. Bonus features include the likes of wilds, scatters, free spins and the gamble feature (commonly used by this developer).

Additionally, a large number of online, as well as mobile, casinos around the globe offer free play for those looking to get in a practice game before spending any real money.

Theme and Design

As mentioned above, the theme for the Dolphin Reef slot games is centred on the ocean and its wonderful inhabitants.

Behind the reels, the backdrop displays a warm watery scene at the bottom of the sea, with beams of light streaming in from the surface and ultimately illuminating the reels.

Below the reels players will find a single bar neatly and conveniently placed to ensure easy, effortless gameplay. The buttons in this bar can be used to check the paytable and game rules, set lines and bets per line, spin the reels and more.

Gameplay And Symbols

With regards to actual gameplay in Dolphin Reef, players have the option of playing between 1 and 20 different paylines, while bets range from 0.01 to 5.00 coins. Much like in all real money slots Pakistan, the higher the bet the higher the reward.

Rewards are given to players that match symbols along an active payline, however, 3 or more symbols must appear and lines will pay from left to right only. The game consists of high-value, low-value and bonus symbols.

The low-value symbols are made up of playing card icons, including Ace, King, Queen, Jack, 10 and 9, while the high-value symbols are made up of a seahorse, a starfish, a turtle and a tropical orange fish. Bonus symbols display a dolphin wild and a treasure chest scatter symbol.

Dolphin Reef Bonus Feature

Within the base game of the Dolphin Reef slot game, players have the opportunity to engage in a little extra fun and possibly earn bigger prizes with the free spins bonus feature.

The dolphin wild will only ever appear in the 2nd and the 4th reels, but when it so in a single spin it will activate the bonus feature. Players are then awarded just 5 free spins.

However small the free spins are, the wilds will expand to cover the entire reel and create a bigger chance at making winning combinations. What’s more, the dolphins will do a dive in between each spin to encourage players on to bigger and better prizes.

Gamble Feature

In addition to the bonus features mentioned above, Dolphin Reef gives players have a chance to gamble even further, and gamble their wins from any given winning combination.

Once a win has been achieved players can click the gamble button below the reels to be taken to a separate screen and guess the colour or suit of the next drawn card. If they determine the colour they could double their win, while guessing the suit of the card rewards quadruple their win.

Good Casino Bonuses Lead to Great Free Games

Online casino competition breeds great bonuses, and irrespective of the bonus types and the games that carry them, players can have a variety of choices for each and every occasion. The main types of free casino online games that players will encounter during their travels through the online casino world are brought to them by cashback, exclusive and high roller bonuses.

In order, they offer the players a return on losses in the form of cash or credit; this varies in percentage from casino to casino. Next is exclusive bonuses which take the form of No deposit or match bonuses and are offered upon sign up or when sent through another third party site. These include the free play bonuses and can either be cashback or returned as credits and sometimes have a required time limit to play and use.

Finally, the high roller bonus is a reward for large deposits made and mainly by leading online casinos. These last bonuses can be very lucrative to the diligent. There are also rolling bonuses that have a turn-based time limit, that is, every month or week.

A Selection of Rewards

With the variety of gambling online NZ at our fingertips, it is almost hard for players to find the right games. It is even harder still for online casinos to attract and grow their communities. This difficulty in connection even when connection and connectivity are at their all-time peaks causes competition. But this competition reaps rewards, for the players in particular and the list of reward based bonuses is a long and inviting one. To all players appreciative of casino play, experienced or just beginning, the online gambling universe is at its peak in all facets of the craft and now with additional bonuses players have all the reasons to dive in immediately.

Thanks to the incredible worldwide coordination across the web everyone with a common interest can be connected; a great and lucrative world of free casino online games that can be tapped into with ease. The best bonuses and hence free casino online games are bred in this high-tech and quality environment. Casino sites are also particularly rewarding these days, and players will find great jackpots and prizes too, apart from the free casino online games. Included in this are free spins for the famous slots and free credits on other popular classics that are offered to players as casinos compete with each other for custom.

Always Tread with Caution Online

A warning, however, for though the free casino online games on offer here are amazing, many come with certain requirements and rely on a quid pro quo scenario to reap return for the house too. An understandable approach as are the requirements which usually revolve around the time related to them or the amount allocated and returnable. Players should be wary of the conditions surrounding the free casino online games offered, even at the great online casinos here, and remember the old adage, err on the side of caution.

A genuinely enjoyable and fun experience, at no cost. Free casino online games represent the simple appreciation for good gaming.