Play Top New Casino Games Online NZ

Online casinos are a gambling phenomenon that is growing in popularity with New Zealand casino players by the day. Online casino NZ play offers online players the latest quality casino games, including a wide selection of pokies, traditional table games and some other more unique games, and the best bonuses and biggest real money casino wins from the comfort and convenience of the player device of their choice, without them having to spend precious time and money travelling to land-based casinos for the experience.

These player devices can include everything from laptops and personal computers to smartphones and tablets, all for which compatible web-based games and apps have been created to ensure that players can enjoy the freedom of online casino NZ play anywhere and at any time of day, no matter the device with which they choose to play.

Game Options for Every Player

When choosing to enjoy the best online casino games and apps, there is no better prospect than that of winning a sensational real money casino game jackpot. Online casino NZ players can do just that when playing with the most reputable online casinos, with exciting real money game play that allows them to cash in on fantastic wins right at their fingertips while enjoying the latest casino games from such esteemed software developers as Microgaming and Playtech.

For online players who are new to the world of gambling or wish to sharpen their player skills, free online casino game variants often offer unlimited free play and are an ideal way for players to familiarise themselves with the strategies and betting rules of their chosen games, as well as to determine just which quality games they may like to play for real money in the future, ensuring that there is an online casino NZ game to suit every player’s budget and entertainment needs.

When playing either for free or for real money wins, online casino NZ games offer immersive graphics and animation effects that pair with the high resolution interfaces of most modern player devices to provide a captivating casino game experience that will keep any player captivated for hours on end as they enjoy a dynamic casino atmosphere to rival one that they would expect when playing at their favourite land-based casino establishment.

Big Online Bonuses and Promotions

Players at the most reputable online casino NZ sites will love the added convenience of player accounts that can be controlled straight from their chosen devices. These accounts enable Kiwi players to handle all of their casino-related finances swiftly and easily and also in the familiar currency of NZD$, negating the need for lengthy currency conversions when playing online. Opening one of these player accounts may also attract a number of fantastic exclusive bonuses and promotions, rewarding real money game players with generous welcome and deposit bonuses that maximise their online winning potential. Free players, too, can take advantage of enticing no deposit bonuses that allow them the chance to experience premium real money play and even claim real cash casino wins, all at no extra cost to them!

As there are so many choices when it comes to which New Zealand online casino will offer each individual player the best possible benefits for them, there are also many helpful online sites dedicated to guide online players to choose the best verified and reputable casinos with which to play, allowing them to claim the biggest and best casino jackpots and bonuses online from their favourite player device.

Basics Of Blackjack

Blackjack is a table based card game popular the world over. It is a staple of almost all casinos thanks to its immense popularity.

This popularity is due to the good odds and the simple to pickup game play that Blackjack provides, making it popular with both professional and casual casino fans.

Blackjack is one of those games that is easy to learn but you can spend a lifetime mastering the nuances of play. The aim of the game is to get a hand that is valued as close to 21 as possible.

The Basic Rules

In the game the player is facing off against a banker, so you are trying to get closer to 21 than the banker does.

Blackjack can be a relatively fast paced game as compared to poker while additionally also adding the benefit of being able to play the game alone against the banker or with friends.

The game also generally features the use of multiple decks of cards in order to save time and prevent card counting. The game is made faster by the use of multiple decks, as you do not have to shuffle your deck after each hand.

Online And Casino Play

Online blackjack and land based casino blackjack stay very true to each other with regards to the game rules.

Where the main differences come in is with regards to the ease of play as well as potential game variations that are available online.

Land based casino blackjack is generally speaking a slower game thanks to the need for human action in game. Also you will only find standard blackjack rules on offer with slight house rule variations.

Online however players can choose from many variations of the standard blackjack games. You can also play a hand much faster thanks to the computer handling the shuffling, dealing and payouts almost instantly at blackjack nz.

Strategic Play

Both land based and online blackjack allows you to make use of strategy to improve your skills and winning odds. You can use the same strategy in both games as the way the game works is still essentially the same.

The fewer decks that are used in the game, the better your odds become when using strategy.

Blackjack strategy tells you when to stay, raise or fold, depending on which cards are in play. Using this strategy will give you a slight edge in the long run as you are making statistically significant plays.

If basic blackjack strategy isn’t doing it for you, you can always use online resources or the online blackjack free play mode to better your skills.

The Benefits Of Online Play

There are many benefits to online blackjack gaming that makes it superior to land based blackjack games. Other than the speed of play vastly improving, just controlling the action is also so simple.

You can easily navigate the blackjack table using your mouse and keyboard. Better still is using touch screen controls when you are gaming on your mobile devoice.

Online blackjack will have you rediscovering a familiar game.

Play Bingo Online

It is no secret that bingo is an immensely popular game, and that it is well-loved all over the world. While it may have an associated stigma that it is only played by the elderly, bingo, it is in fact, is popular among all age groups now that it is available online.

Bingo may be one of the few casino games that is actually said to offer health benefits. For one, it is immensely relaxing and offers tons of enjoyment together with social interaction. Also, since it focuses on numbers, it is also said to have numerous mental health benefits. This may be why it is so popular with the elderly. Additionally it is one of the only games that is immensely popular among women, and this is especially true of online bingo.

While regular bingo is still commonly played in Gaming Club casino halls and community halls for fun and charity, online bingo has also become increasingly popular. Since so much of the game is based on enjoyment and social interaction, online bingo has attempted to recreate these experiences to better equal the real life versions of the game.

Offering Fun, Excitement and Bonuses

One of the great things of online bingo is that the online version of the game has had the chance to expand in terms of what it offers.

On the one hand, online bingo is often available as a free game, which allows players to simply have some fun and become acquainted with the rules without having to risk anything. This is seldom the case with actual bingo. Many free online bingo games are on offer purely for the fun of it, while others allow players the chance to play for free for a while and then move on to the actual money versions of the games.

Also, online bingo offers many opportunities for bonuses, which are seldom available in real bingo games. These bonuses may afford players extra chances to play without having to put down any further deposits, or they enable certain special features to become available to players.

In addition, online bingo games also offer a greater variety of prizes. Instead of just offering cash prizes, online bingo games have often expanded to include a variety of other prizes, such as holidays, gift cards, and many more.

Recreating the Social Side

One of the greatest concerns with online bingo is that it does not offer the same social interaction as actual bingo. However, many online bingo sites have attempted to make up for this by enabling certain social tools. For example, many online bingo sites offer live chat rooms, which enable players to chat to each other while playing the game.

Since players frequenting online bingo sites often come from all over the world, this is a great opportunity to make friends from different parts of the world. If the players happen to come from the same town or area, then they can also arrange actual meet-ups and form deeply-bonded real life friendships. In this way, online bingo attempts to match land based bingo, and is often very successful.

Online bingo offers a great way to have fun and win exciting prizes and with 75 ball, 90 ball and other great games available around the clock you can get in on the action whenever you desire.

California Lottery Basics

The California State Lottery Act was passed in 1983, and the game’s first tickets were sold on October 3, 1984. At least 37% of its revenue goes to public education, to supplement other funds that are provided by the state. The prizes make up about 50% of the takings so a total of 87% of funds is given back to the public, with the remaining 13% used for administration. The California Lottery is overseen by a Governor-appointed 5-member commission, as mandated by its Act. The games can be played in their full capacity online, making things very convenient.

California Lottery Games

Several different games are currently offered by the Lottery. Scratch Cards, which were the first tickets sold, are still an important part of the California Lottery and carry the brand name of Scratchers. These are instant-win games and there are several on the go at any time.

The bulk of the entertainments are Canadian casino games where players buy tickets, each with different number sequences on them, in advance. You can choose the numbers yourself, or have the online or offline machine that you’re buying from do it with the Quick Pick option. Today many of these draws are done using Random Number Generation, including the Daily 3, Daily 4, Daily Derby, Fantasy 5 and Hot Spot games. The first 2 games require players to pick 3 or 4 numbers from 0 to 9, and 2 draws are held each day. The Daily Derby is also held every day, and simulates a horse racing game so that the winning numbers are where 3 horses placed and the racing times they made. In Fantasy 5 players choose up to 5 sets of 5 numbers from 1 to 39, which can be played in up to 12 drawings. Hot Spot is pretty unique in the California Lottery offering, and is based on Keno games. Players choose to play up to 10 number Spots, choosing from digits from 1 to 80, for up to 100 consecutive draws. There’s also 1 number that is drawn from 20 as the Bull’s Eye Number, and players can choose to bet on that as well. Each day draws are held every 4 minutes from 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m., which keeps things very exciting for players and was part of the inspiration behind the Hot Spot name.

There are some Draw Games that still involve balls being physically drawn from barrels to create winning combinations, including Mega Millions, Powerball and, at specific draw times, Super Lotto Plus as well. The first 2 are multi-jurisdictional games, and California is the only state that divides all 9 Mega Millions prize levels according to how many winning tickets there are rather than with set values. This often means that the Jackpots paid out are much higher than what is advertised. Powerball, which was introduced in 2013, and SuperLotto Plus, which is exclusive to California, are both structured similarly to Mega Millions. SuperLotto Plus features the additional option of having your prize money annuitized, if you’d prefer it. Players can choose between getting all their winnings in 1 lump sum, or in several annual interest-accruing amounts.

Something for Everyone

The wide range of entertainments offered by the California Lottery means there is always something to play, and that the preferences of all visitors can be accommodated. Players should check out the odds and maximum jackpots of the various games, and decide how they’d prefer to spend their Lottery budget.

Edenhope Cup

Edenhope is small town in Victoria, Australia and is located on the Wimmera Highway in the Shire of the same name. Established in the 1800s, the town sits on Lake Wallace’s shores and is a popular destination for water sports and fishing enthusiasts. The town also offers a golf course and has a cairn commemorating the first all-Aboriginal cricket team to travel to England, in the grounds of the Edenhope Secondary College. More interesting than all the other activities and heritage, for many, is the township’s Horse Racing Club. This is where the James H Greenhill Edenhope Cup is held on the Saturday of the Labour Day Weekend every March. Crowds of more than 1000 are attracted annually, and the event has become a major fixture for the local community.

The Edenhope Race Club and Course

The Club was established in 1935 and hosts smaller annual events as well as the Cup. It is the westernmost track in Victoria, and is noted for being especially picturesque. The Club is quite compact, but offers world-class facilities including an air-conditioned bar/dining room and plenty of shade and seating. The track circumference is 1650 metres, with a home straight that is 300 meters long. The surface is largely flat, with turns that are slightly banked and two well-grassed, long straights. The entire surface is irrigated, with a uniform clay-like soil. On the day of the main event there is a full line-up of eight races, so punters should take careful note of the track conditions on the day, the previous performances of horses in similar situations, injury reports, tips and anything else they can find out to take full advantage of the complete race card.

Plenty to Do

In addition to the racing thrills, there is lots to keep visitors to Edenhope busy. This makes journeying to the Edenhope Cup a great Labour Day weekend away, with several places to stay and eat as well as the incredible Naracoorte Caves National Park and Harrow Discovery Centre to explore while you place your NRL bets on the local games.

On the day of the Edenhope Cup itself, the easiest way to get to the racecourse (which is conveniently only 1 kilometre out of town) is to take the West Wimmera Advocate ERC bus. Umbrella marquee packages are available for families and groups of friends who are happy to relax and take a DIY approach, and tickets to the Edenhope Foodworks Grand Marquee will take care of those who want to be a little more looked after. The Grand Marquee ticket is all-inclusive and offers admission, food, drink and a race book. For those who are keen to carry on the festivities all day, it is also the best place to party and listen to music. There are also outdoor barbecue meals to be enjoyed, and other fine dining options.

As with most horse racing events in Australia, the Fashions on the Field is an enjoyable spectacle for all and for those whose threads are deemed the finest there are some great prizes up for grabs. There is always a great line-up of amusements and activities for children, and the full TAB facilities are made available in a fully equipped Punter’s Club. Just as a good country race should, the Edenhope Cup provides whatever you want from your day out – be it a sense of history, some great entertainment, or some serious bets and wins.

Lucky 247: Online Casino from Play Central

Lucky 247 is an online gaming site, owned by Play Central Ltd. Casinos that is licensed under the jurisdiction of the Malta Gaming Authority aka the MGA. The casino was founded in 2012, and Play Central Ltd. made the decision to operate the site exclusively on Microgaming software; one of the biggest developers of betting software in the world. As a result, casino fans can choose between instant play and downloads, and there is also a mobile casino so that players on the go can play using a smart phone or tablet.

Hundreds of Slots Options

The Microgaming platform also means that Lucky 247 can offer a wide selection of slots; at last count, the site was hosting 163 titles. These include three-reel slots for those nostalgic about fruit machines, with titles like Couch Potato, High 5 and Break da Bank. There are many more five-reel games on offer, however, with all sorts of themes, like sports, legends, historical adventures, horror stories, and a range of animal characters. Some are franchises of popular films, like Jurassic Park or Bridesmaids. Progressive slots titles, such as The Dark Knight, King Cashalot and Mega Moolah, can deliver top prizes that grow into the millions.

Table Games a Speciality

Lucky 247’s table and card games include many different variants of Blackjack, Roulette, Poker and Baccarat, along with special games like Keno, Craps, Spingo, Red Dog and Sic Bo. Video Poker enthusiasts will be enthralled by the 21 titles on offer, and both the Video Poker and Blackjack selections include a number of multi-hand options. Instant mobile play is available to anyone with HTML5-compatible devices, or mobile players can also download a smaller selection of Java-compatible games.

Support and Bonuses

Play Central Ltd. has lots of competition in the online casino sphere, so Lucky 247 takes customer support seriously. Live chat, as the casino’s name implies, is available to offer player support 24/7, and help can also be requested via phone, Skype and email. Lucky 247 also offers a deposit-match sign-up bonus, regular free spin packages, and a number of other seasonal bonuses, special competitions and other incentives. Players in the Loyalty Club can amass loyalty points, which can be exchanged for more casino playing credits. Details of these incentives are available on Lucky 247’s Promotions and Loyalty Club pages.

Money Options

Although only available in English, Lucky 247 does accept a number of currencies: Euros, British pounds sterling, and Australian, Canadian or US dollars. There are 14 banking options via which players can make deposits, including popular credit cards like MasterCard and Visa, and online platforms like Neteller, Skrill and Ukash. The nine withdrawal options include credit cards and more online options like eWire and instaDebit. Players may only withdraw a maximum of 10,000 GBP per day.

Safety and Fairness

Play Central Ltd, like most online casino dubai providers, protects players’ banking and transaction information on Lucky 247 by using 128-bit SSL digital encryption, certified by Quo Vadis security specialists. Independent outfits like PlayCheck and eCOGRA periodically audit Microgaming software. Lucky 247 displays certification of these audits to assure players their games have been checked and are guaranteed to offer random, fair play. One thing players must check for themselves before they register, however, is the local law pertaining to online gambling in their home jurisdiction; there are some territories around the world in which residents are not permitted to play at Lucky 247.

Fruity Casa Online Casino

Fruity Casa is an online casino that is owned by the company Caddell Limited N.V. which operates under the trade name White Hat Gaming. Caddell Limited N.V. owned casinos, including Fruity Casa, are licensed in Curacao using a Curacao eGaming license. In addition, the company is registered and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission.

The Fruity Casa is a fairly new online casino as it was established in 2014. As its name suggests, the Fruity Casa is a fruit-themed casino with a bright and colourful website. The casino is available in many countries around the world with only a few exceptions which include, Belgium, France Spain, Italy, Turkey and the USA. It is also available in several different languages and payments can be made in a number of currencies.

Software and Games Available at Fruity Casa

Fruity Casa is powered by more than one software company, with games from leading companies such as Net Entertainment, Betsoft, NextGen Gaming and Aristocrat to name a few. There is a wide selection of slot machine games on offer at Fruity Casa. There are classic 3-reel slots like Lucky 8 Line and Super Nudge 6000 available as well as many 5-reel slot machine games.

Among the popular 5-reel games are Call of the Colosseum, Ramesses Riches and Alien Robots. There are also progressive slot machine games available at Fruity Casa, some of which cannot be found at many other Canadian mobile casinos. One example is the Arabian Nights progressive slot game.

There are not only slot games available at the Caddell owned Fruity Casa Casino, however, and players will find a number of table games and video poker games on the website as well as some specialty games such as bingo, scratch cards and virtual sports games. In addition, Fruity Casa offers live table games where players may play online while interacting with the dealer and other players at any time of the day.

There is an enticing welcome bonus available to new members of Fruity Casa Casino. A player that registers an account with the casino will receive a bonus of 150% their initial deposit. There are, however, certain terms and conditions placed on this bonus so players should make sure they are aware of these before signing up with Fruity Casa Casino.

Support and Security at Fruity Casa

The Caddell owned Fruity Casa Casino offers direct support to its members 7 days a week through its live chat service. The live chat is, however, only available between 9am and 12am GMT. If a player has an issue or enquiry outside of these hours then they will have to send an email to the casino, usually receiving a reply the next business day.

Fruity Casa Casino is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption provided by reputable internet security company, Rapid SSL. This ensures that any personal and banking information provided by its members is safe and secure. There is not a lot of information regarding banking on the website itself which means that players will most likely have to join in order to find out all the relevant information.

There are, however, a number of payment methods available to players, such as Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Skrill, Neteller and Paysafecard. One must note that there is both a deposit and a withdrawal limit. Additionally, any withdrawals will be placed on hold for two days before being processed.

7 Regal Online Casino

7Regal Casino is a stylish and modern online casino that is owned and operated by Zirconium Gaming Ltd. Established in 2009, the casino is licenced in Antigua and is regulated by the Antigua and Barbuda offshore gaming authority.

The casino welcomes players from all over the world and is available in English as well as a number of international languages including French, Greek, Russian, Finish, Norwegian, Polish, Danish and Dutch. Powered by Playtech casino software, the casino and games can be downloaded to any laptop or desktop computer. Players can also play any of the casinos games instantly online or download the casino app to any tablet or mobile device.

7Regal Online Casino Games

As a Playtech Powered Casino, 7Regal offers players the best choice of Playtech and Marvel video slot games with top quality graphics, animation and sound. With slots alone, the Zirconium Gaming operated casino offers classic slots, video slots as well as progressive slots games. In addition to their comprehensive range of slot games, the casino also offers all the best card and table games including roulette, blackjack, craps, baccarat, Poker, video poker, Keno and Casino Hold’em poker. All of the RNG games available at the casino can be played for free or for real money.

7Regal Live Dealer Games

As with many of the top-rated online casinos, 7Regal offers players a choice of live casino games to play both online and for download. Live casino games use video streaming technology where live dealers interact with players during the games. This means that real live dealers are responsible for spinning the roulette wheel and shuffling the cards. Currently the Zirconium Gaming operated casino offers live roulette, live baccarat, live blackjack as well as live Casino Hold’em Poker.

Banking Options and Online Security

All of the live casino games at 7Regal casino can be played for real money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If players do want to play for real money, the casino offers a wide range of secure banking options. Players can fund their casino account by bank transfer, by credit card, by debit card or by web wallet payment. The casino accepts multiple currencies including US Dollars, Euros, Pounds, South African Rands, Canadian Dollars and Australian dollars. The Zirconium Gaming operated casino uses state of the art encryption technology to ensure that all online transactions remain private and secure.

Bonuses, Promotions and Customer Care

Players who do sign up to play for real money at 7Regal casino will automatically be eligible for all of their bonuses and promotions. Players who make their first deposit into their British Colombia online casino account will receive an instant cash match bonus. For all their loyal and regular members, the casino offers reload bonuses as well as weekly and monthly promotions. If players have any issues with their account of if they would just like to get in touch with the casino, the customer care department is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Players can get in touch with the casino via their live chat facility or by email, by fax or calling them directly.

Online No Deposit Bingo Bonuses

The game of bingo has been around for many years. Before the introduction of online bingo sites, bingo was played in large bingo halls equipped to hold dozens of people. Players could interact and play bingo on certain evening of the week and on weekends. Today, bingo halls still exist but for many people online bingo is quicker, easier and just as exciting. The benefits of playing bingo online are numerous. For most people though, the biggest benefit of playing bingo online is being able to take advantage of the various bingo bonuses on offer. In the notes below, we are going to look a no deposit bingo bonuses and how they can benefit you.

What are Bingo Bonuses?

If you are new to the world of online bingo, you may be wondering why bingo sites offer bonuses at all? The simple answer is to attract player to their site. With so many different online bingo sites around, all top-rated online bingo websites need to offer rewards and benefits to encourage players to join their site and keep coming back week after week. Most bingo sites offer two types of bonuses. The first type of bonus is the no deposit bingo bonus, the second is the deposit or welcome bonus. Each bonus is designed to encourage players to get started playing online baccarat in Canada regardless of age or gender.

Playing for Free Online

What most people don’t realise is that casonline bingo sites offer players the chance to play free bingo games without ever needing to make a deposit. Free bingo games are fun to play and give players a good idea of how the game works. Players can still use the chat facility to interact with other players during the game and they can use all the features of the site. The only difference is that free games do not offer any way to win real money online. This is where no deposit bingo bonuses come in. No deposit bonuses are specifically designed to give players a taste of what it is like to play for real money without actually making them fork out the cash.

No Deposit Bonus

So how do no deposit bingo bonuses work? The bonuses themselves are offered as soon as players sign up and create a free online bingo account. Once a player has signed up, the bingo site may offer one of two types of bingo bonuses. The first is a cash bonus. Here the site will deposit a small amount of cash in the player’s online account. Players can use the funds to play real money bingo games at the site whenever they want.

Bingo Free Game Bonus

The second type of no deposit bingo bonus is a free game bonus. This is just as it sounds. Once a player has signed up and created a free online account, the site will reward them with one or two free bingo games. These games are full real-money games where players can stand a chance of winning big online. However, if players do end up winning big from their deposit bonus, there are very strict rules which require players to make a deposit and play a certain number of games before they can withdraw their winnings.

Play at SkyBet.Com

A significant amount of UK players find that they gravitate to this area’s bigger, better-known brands when it comes to exploring the world of Internet casinos. As this hobby has become a more widely enjoyed one, players have obviously tended to games they already know and love, and there are very few online entities that can claim as wide a selection of games and array of players as Sky.

This media company was in fact one of the very first in the United Kingdom to make the move to online casino entertainment and internet-based sports betting, and, thanks to the fact that almost every single one of the sports and TV fans across the country are already signed up to the service they provide, they have been able to convert this general popularity in the real world to help them become the first choice in the virtual one, as the majority of online gambling Canada these days choose to play at

Bookmaking and Casino Options at SkyBet.Com

This company’s name is the one most commonly associated with online gaming as a result of it being the main brand in use for a good number of years. Although bookmaking is not the core business at this site, the accessibility of so many sports fans allowed them to focus on providing betting opportunities, with these often accompanied by live events with odds and news features from SkyBet. Thanks to the fact that they can now play at SkyBet.Com, players will head over to the site and review the betting options available as well, and can relax thanks to the well-known brand which provides it. The casino games available for play at fall under the appropriately named Sky Vegas umbrella, and its aim is to bring in some of the global gambling capital to the online screens of the United Kingdom and beyond.

SkyBet.Com Focuses on Players from the UK

Although Sky operates internationally in terms of its core business, those who play at SkyBet.Com will quickly realise that its gaming focus is very much centred on residents of the United Kingdom. Everything available for play at SkyBet.Com is provided in English and sterling, and the company has worked hard to ensure that they are able to forge gaming relationships with some of the most widely recognised gaming companies in operation today. IGT, for example, is one of the largest names in terms of land-based slots machines in the United Kingdom, and players of any level of land-based gambling experience will undoubtedly have encountered their games. In a similar fashion, many clubs and pubs around the UK have more classic; three-reel slots from Barcrest available and both these companies are key providers of the entertainment available at SkyBet.Com.

Poker; roulette; blackjack and a host of other popular casino games are available for play at SkyBet.Com, and betting options for football; horse racing; cricket; golf; rugby and tennis are also on offer for those who enjoy laying wagers as well. These portals are provided for computers; laptops; smartphones and tablets, and players are able to safely and securely conduct the real money transactions they need to when and as they please whenever they visit SkyBet.Com.