Instant Access to Bingo from Anywhere

Bingo is a gambling game, first played in Italy way back in the 1500s, which in the past century became a particular favourite in the UK and the USA. Online Bingo started around 1996, and since then expanded international Internet access and smart phones have turned the game into an industry worth billions of dollars a year.

These days, avid Bingo fans can play anywhere, anytime on their mobile phones, with hundreds of variations on draw pool sizes, winning Bingo patterns, and the total number of spaces per card available. Some online and mobile operators use JavaScript or Adobe Flash software to allow players to play Bingo directly on their sites, while others provide free programs and apps for download. Whether they are on a laptop or desktop, or playing from a mobile device like a tablet or smart phone, Bingo fans will be able to find a version of the game that suits them, and play it whenever they feel like it.

Basics of Bingo

For those not familiar with the game: Bingo is a lottery game played with random numbers, which players have to match against numbers pre-printed on their Bingo cards. In a game with 75 numbers in the draw pool, the classic cards present a grid of 5 X 5 numbers, arranged under the letters B, I, N, G and O. Players bet by buying one or more cards, and win by completing a predetermined pattern of matching numbers on one card. A single game may feature different winning patterns for different prizes, allowing for multiple winners during a game. The pattern can be a simple line (in certain special-occasion draws, even a single number), or one of several more complicated patterns; often, patterns will relate to a theme.

Traditionally, a player completing a winning pattern in a land-based game has to shout “Bingo!” to collect the win; if they miss a number and only realise they have a complete pattern after someone else has called “Bingo,” they lose out. Some games have multiple stages: for example, awarding a prize when a player completes one line, another prize level for two complete lines, and the jackpot prize for a full card (known as a “full house”). In traditional land-based Bingo, players bought paper cards and the random numbers were decided by balls drawn from a spinning barrel. Online and mobile Bingo sites use random number generators both to create the players’ electronic cards on screen, and to generate the winning numbers.

Perks of Online Bingo

The online versions of the game offer a number of advantages over land-based Bingo that many players find attractive. Apart from the universal easier access, the auto-daub feature marks a player’s numbers on their cards and registers winning patterns automatically, which not only makes it easier to keep track of multiple cards, but also rules out the chance of a player accidentally missing a Bingo, or calling a false Bingo on an incomplete pattern.

Unlike land-based games, online keno in Canada encourages players to chat to each other during the game via direct message boards, enhancing the social atmosphere of players “ganging up” on the house. Bingo networks, which allow the players on several smaller sites combined access to the same jackpots, allow these sites to offer bigger wins than they would from their own restricted pool of players. Some sites also restrict the number of cards a player can buy per game, which keeps everyone playing for similar stakes and stops smaller players being overwhelmed by high rollers buying multiple cards.

Slot Game Break da Bank 3REEL

It is every gambler’s dream to Break da Bank, and walk away with a life changing amount of money from the casino. Break da Bank 3REEL slots game is an online game created by the leading developer Microgaming, and this game caters to that dream, and develops that theme. This is a classic slot game with three reels and five pay lines.

Break da Bank 3REEL is still one of the most popular slots games Microgaming ever produced. It is over eight years since it was released, but is still widely played in many countries. This game has inspired several sequels and spin offs.

Simple and Clear Symbols

The theme of Break da Bank 3REEL is simple, and has only the one aim of money, and how to get lots of it. Staying in line with the theme of the game, all the symbols of Break da Bank three reels are connected to money.  Even the colours used in the game remind you of money, being green and gold and purple. There are gold Dollar Signs, Safety Vaults, Gold Coins, and the Break da Bank Logo.

There is also a Bar symbol, single, double and triple Bars, which are one of the basic classic slots symbols, and which are always present in three reel slot games.  The Break da Bank 3REEL is a Wild symbol, and can replace any other symbol to form a winning combination. This Wild symbol will also double any prize of a winning sequence it helps to complete. If two of the Wilds are used in a winning combination, the winnings will be quadrupled.

An Easy to Read Pay Table

Break da Bank 3REEL is an easy game to play, like all classic slot games, but the payouts are good. This game also uses a pay table on the side of the screen which is easy to read, so you can just hit the spin button and begin play. There is also an AutoPlay function that you can use to keep the reels spinning automatically. You also have the chance of trying out the game for free before you wager real money.

Different Betting Options

AFL premiership betting options may be a bit limited, but the wagering limits allow different coin denominations to be used, and will give an inclusive spectrum that will suit medium wager players as well as the penny bettors. The Bets that can be placed for amounts over a dollar will please high rollers. Break da Bank 3REEL can also be played on any mobile device, whether a smart phone or tablet. Whatever device you use the game will be identical to the game played online.

There is a fixed jackpot, or maximum win, that is offered in Break da Bank 3REEL. To win this jackpot you have to find at least three of the Break da Bank Logos on an active pay line, and the amount of the jackpot that you win will depend on the number of pay lines in play at the time.

Break da bank 3 REEL is a classic slot game that remains popular because it is simple to play but offers some really good payouts. Because it has only three reels, there are no free spins rounds or bonus rounds. Any player can play end enjoy this game, whether they are new players or veterans of the online casino world of games.

Pimped Online Video Slot

Pimps, beautiful ladies, the lifestyle of the loaded and big bonuses are in store for those that choose to play the Pimped online video slot, with similarities between the lead character and the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg, beyond uncanny.

This 5-reel slot game can be played with up to 10 paylines in play and comes with a handful of bonus features that promise to get players closer to big wins, including wilds, scatter pays, free spins and an additional gamble feature that can be accessed throughout the game.

Free and demo versions of this slot are widely available, with casinos (both online and mobile) around the world offering players the chance to get rich with Pimped.


It is safe to say that the Pimped online slot will appeal to those that enjoy playing slots that reminds them of the wealth that they are ultimately in search of, but there is more to the theme than the concept of fortune.

This particular slot game will attract younger players that appreciate the hip-hop scene that has essentially emerged over the last 40 years, with the slot dressed in platinum and gold and the reels set against the living room of a luxurious penthouse apartment that looks over an incredibly lit city skyline.

Graphics and Display

The Pimped online slot game has been developed especially well, using top-quality animations and graphics to bring more life to this already HD online slots Australia.

Attention to detail is obvious, with the actual symbols holding their own animations, dollar notes floating down the reels at the start of the game and the Pimped logo continuously shimmering through gameplay.

The buttons that allow players to control the game have even been designed with a few extra touches, framed in gold and connected by a gold chain.

Pimped Slot Symbols

The symbols are all pretty exciting in themselves, displaying their very own animation as they appear in a winning combination. There are main symbols, symbols with lower values and bonus symbols that hold extra abilities.

Higher value symbols start with the Snoop Dogg lookalike, followed by another pimp-like character that resembles a typical 90s rapper in a fedora, 2 babes, a pimp watch and a roll of cash, whereas lower value symbols display A, K, Q, J and 10 lined in platinum and gold.

The wild symbol displays a pimp ring that appears to smash through some glass in its individual animation effect, while the scatter displays a large gold dollar sign.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

The Pimped slot includes a free spins bonus feature that can be activated if a player lands 3 or more of the dollar sign scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.

Players will then receive just 5 free spins, however, each spin will guarantee a win. With each scatter symbol that a player lands comes another 2 free spins up to a maximum of 20 free spins.

Gamble Feature

By clicking the gamble button after each and every win, players will open up the chance to double or quadruple their win made from a combination on an active payline.

Players simply need to correctly guess the colour of the next card to double their win, or determine the suit of the next card to quadruple it.

Piggy Richest Touch Mobile Slot

A wealthy porcine couple are the main characters in NetEnt’s Piggy Riches Touch. The video mobile slot has several bonus features, 15 paylines, and five reels.

The game is graphics-rich, with gilt framing and wads of cash around the reels. It also has a range of appropriate sound effects, and the interface has been designed for maximum ease of play on smartphones and tablets.

All the game settings and betting options are on a separate screen, which is accessed by swiping. This means the main screen is dominated by the reels.

Methods of Playing Piggy Riches Touch

Piggy Riches Touch is available in no download and in downloadable format. It can be play on a range of mobile devices.

The slot’s no download format is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry devices, on which it can be played in browser. The game’s downloadable form is that of casino apps for Android and iOS devices.

What’s On the Piggy Riches Touch Reels

The Piggy Riches Touch reel symbols have all been designed to portray either the main characters or to display their wealth. Even the lower value playing card symbols weren’t spared the Midas touch.

The rich pigs are the two bonus symbols. The higher value symbols include bags of gold coins and jewels, two gold credit cards, a key to a pig version of a Rolls Royce, a purse bursting with banknotes, and a piggy bank.

The lower value symbols are Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ace symbols encrusted or panelled with jewels, mahogany, ermine, and alligator skin.

Lady Pig Scatter Symbol

The Piggy Riches Touch Scatter is Lady Pig, dressed in green and holding a pink gift box. Her appearance on the reels could activate the mobile slot’s free spins round, which comes with multipliers.

The Scatters could also pay out Scatter wins. The symbols can pay and activate free spins from any position on the reels.

When three, four, or five Scatters appear, the free spins round will be activated. Players are given a choice of a number of free spins paired up with a multiplier.

For example, the available selection may include 22 free spins with a 2x multiplier, 14 free spins with a 4x multiplier, or 26 free spins with a 6x multiplier. An additional free spin is awarded every time a Scatter appears on the reels during the bonus round.

Lord Pig Wild Symbol

Top hat-wearing Lord Pig is the Wild symbol in Piggy Riches Touch mobile Slots Casino Sites. In addition to being Wild, the symbol can also act as a multiplier.

The Wild can help other symbols form successful pay table combinations on the reels by substituting itself for what’s needed. It acts as a 3x multiplier when it helps complete a payout.

The only symbol for which the Wild cannot substitute is Lady Pig.

Bet Settings in Piggy Riches Touch

The Piggy Riches Touch bet settings accessed by swiping the main screen include coin value, bet level, and bet lines settings.

The coin value can be set between 0.01 and 0.50, and between one and 10 coins can be bet per line. The number of paylines brought into play can be set using the bet lines control.

The max bet button places the mobile slot’s maximum bet.

Legend of the White Buffalo slot

The White Buffalo is a sacred animal to many Native American tribes.  Legend has it that many years ago, in time of great poverty, two young men from the Native American tribe Lakota, went out to hunt in the hills of South Dakota, in order to find food and feed their starving people.  Whilst on their way, a young woman dressed in white appeared to them, telling them to return to their tribe, because help was on its way.

The woman in white reappeared in the presence of the tribe, and started to teach the people that they were all connected to each other, and to earth, and that following the proper path would secure a future filled with abundance.  As the woman prepared to leave the tribe, she fell to the ground and rolled four times, changing colour each time.  She eventually turned into a White Buffalo calf, before disappearing.  As she disappeared, great herds of Buffalo surrounded the tribe – the hungry masses were fed, and the White Buffalo would forever be deemed to be a symbol of great abundance and prosperity.

Legend of the White Buffalo slot is based on the theme of prosperity and positivity, and is an online slots real money Canada featuring 5 reels and 576 ways to win.

Legend of the White Buffalo Slot Symbols

The symbols are true to Native American traditions and culture, and include a tomahawk (North American axe), ceremonial vases, the White Buffalo, a portrait of a Native American woman and dream catcher.  The Jack, Queen, King and Ace cards also double as symbols on the reels.

Ceremonial vases pay out at 60 credits for 3 matching symbols, and tomahawks pay out at 50. Playing card symbols yield smaller returns.

The wild symbol will replace all symbols, except for the bonus symbol.  The bonus symbol is the dream catcher symbol, and appears only on reels two, three and four.  Landing a combination of three or more during any one spin, will set the Free Spins Bonus Round in motion.

Free Spins Bonus Round

8 free spins are awarded for every set of three bonus symbols landed.  The Free Spins Bonus Round can be re-triggered.

Legend of the White Buffalo Slot Jackpot

The key to winning the Jackpot is, quite befittingly, the White Buffalo symbol.  125 000 credits are up for grabs for a 5 in a row combination.  This only applies in the event that there are no wild symbols completing the set, and when playing in maximum bet mode.

Maximum bet totals to a wager of 250 credits per spin.

Practise Mode

Legend of the White Buffalo slot can be played for free or for real money.  Inexperienced players benefit from the luxury of being able to play for free, thus becoming acquainted with the game before playing for real money.

User-Friendly Game Interface

It’s easy to make sense of the game interface, as general game information is displayed in a simple and starightforward manner.

Cryptologic Iron Man

Cryptologic Iron Man Online Slot

Cryptologic Iron Man is an online slot game based on the famous Marvel character of the same name. The recent success of the Iron Man films has no doubt played a role in this online slot release. It is quite refreshing to find that this slot is more inspired by the comic book than the film. As such it features animated characters and animations.

Cryptologic Iron Man features 25 pay lines that players can activate. There is a maximum possible wager of 125, with the minimum wager required to activate a pay line starting at 0.01. This online slot has a unique bonus round where you must uncover secret blue prints as well as a wild symbol and a scatter symbol.  Iron Man is also part of the Marvel Hero progressive jackpot network.

Iron Man Bonus Feature

Cryptologic Iron Man has a unique bonus game triggered by three of the game logo scatter symbols. In this bonus game you must destroy windows in order to uncover secret blue prints.

There are 9 windows of which you can destroy 5. Each window will reveal a cash prize but finding the blue prints will award up to 250x your staked wager.

Iron Man Progressive Jackpot

Players of Cryptologic Iron Man are eligible for the Marvel Hero progressive jackpot. Every pay out that players receive will contribute to growing the progressive jackpot amount.

This jackpot is divided into three possible pay outs. This jackpot is awarded randomly at any time, but the higher your placed wagers, the better your odds will be for winning the jackpot.

Iron Man Wild Symbol

Tony Stark in his Iron Man suit is the Cryptologic Iron Man wild symbol. He can take on the value of any of the standard symbols as required in order to complete a winning combination. Lining up between 1 and 5 matching wilds on a pay line will award up to 6000 coins, the base game jackpot amount.

Iron Man Scatter Symbol

Cryptologic Iron Man features a scatter logo that not only triggers the unique online casino bonus UK round, but also offers up 100 times your staked wager as pay out. You can land scatter symbols anywhere on the reels to win a cash prize. They do not need to be lined up on a pay line.

Iron Man Reel Symbols

Cryptologic Iron Man features characters and elements from Tony Stark and Iron Man’s life. There are 10 standard symbols, starting in value with a glass of Whisky and a stack of cash. These two symbols pay between 5 and 100 coins to players. There is a set of blueprints and a locked briefcase, both of which have a maximum pay out of 125 coins.

In Cryptologic Iron Man the cruise ship and the Stark Industries building symbols are worth 15 to 200 coins, while Iron Man firing a beam is worth 500 coins at maximum pay out. The highest value standard symbols are the Crimson Dynamo, Iron Man’s nemesis and Tony Stark.

These two symbols offer pay outs starting at just two matching symbols on a pay line. Tony Stark is most valuable symbol, with a jackpot value of 2000 coins.