The Story Of Top NZ Racehorse Savabeel Game In AU & NZ

Savabeel was voted the leading sire in New Zealand for 2016 at the Industry Awards, which were held in June of the same year. The Awards were held in The Great Room, at the Langham Hotel in Auckland with many of the racing industries main players being present, from jockeys to trainers to owners. A number of horses were nominated for different categories, with Savabeel winning all three stallion earnings categories.

Savabeel As A Racehorse

Savabeel is a son of the great Zabeel, also a New Zealand bred horse, who himself was Stallion of the Year in 2006, and then in consecutive years in 2008 and 2009 and 2010. His racing career was extremely successful, with 14 starts for 3 wins, 3 seconds and 1 third for $2,760,460. In 2004 he won the Cox Plate, which is considered to be the premium weight for age race in mobile betting Australia. He was the second son of Zabeel to do so, with octagonal winning it in 1994. Savabeel went on to win the Spring Champion Stakes and at Group One level, making him one of the best horses at the time according to his trainer.

Unfortunately, Savabeel had a disappointing Autumn campaign in 2005, in which he only placed once, and was retired to stud. He did, however, uphold the name of his father, the great Zabeel whom he took over from as New Zealand’s champion sire

Savabeel the Sire


Savabeel currently stands at Waikato Stud, which is on the North Island. His covering fee has increased exponentially in the last few years as his progeny are beginning to really prove themselves on the track, and are fast becoming a bettors dream. Savabeel colts and fillies are horses to watch, as they are winning races left, right and centre. Due to this fact many of them are favourites in Group one races, including the likes Of Kawi, Sound Proposition, Pasadena Girl, Diademe, Savaria, Soriano and Lucia Valentina. Although deservingly high odds horses, placing a bet on them may guarantee you a win or a place, but may not make an extreme amount of profit due to their, and their sibling’s successes.

Savabeel is so successful as a sire in fact, that he has achieved $14.3million in global progeny earnings. His progeny have been sold all around the world, not just on the Australasian continent. There are only two active sires in the whole of Australia and New Zealand, which have exceeded his earnings for the 2015 to 2016 season. In total he has 53 stakes winners, 11 of those achieving black type distinction during 2015/16. His progeny run over a range of distances as well, proving that he is a versatile stallion who can produce a range of different thoroughbred types.

Savabeel’s pedigree is greatly sought after, with Sir Tristram as his grandsire and the great Nureyev in his sire line too. All told, Savabeel looks set to remain a champion New Zealand sire for a few years yet, although he is already fifteen years old. Many stallions have gone on into their early twenties, barring accident, still siring winners. He may no longer be thrilling punters on the track, but his offspring look set to do so for years to come.

How Technology And Online Sports Betting Make Effect In Punters Life

For New Zealand punters betting on sports has evolved since the days of having to make a trip to a bookie on the corner or to a land based casino or sports bar. This is all thanks to the internet which has made sports betting more accessible to more people.

Punters now have access to loads of information, websites that can track sports betting trends as well as stats and up to the minute updates that can often affect the outcome of a bet. These days New Zealand punters can make use of technology in every aspect of their bet and with so much information available online it makes placing a well informed bet that much easier.

Tracking Bets

Technology has made the task of tracking bets so much easier than spending hours compiling a spread sheet, an app is available which will do all the hard work. Punters will find a range of these apps online which will be able to send this information directly to their phone. These apps are very detailed and will give punters an analysis of their favourite bets; teams that made them lose or win as well as other helpful stats.

Mobile Technology

Anyone with a smart phone or mobile device can make a bet. With the advancement of mobile technology most of the sports betting sites will have a mobile betting option. The great news is that New Zealand punters can take advantage of this technology to make fast bets as well as have access to in-game betting.  In-game betting lets punters receive up to the minute changes in lines and odds.

Using Online Information

All mobile betting Australia punters have their own personal betting style and they rely on information to make their bets. Some punters will only analyse scores and others will use much more in depth research. The internet can be extremely useful as there is a wealth of information out there and punters can access various databases compiled by different sports books as well as stats for most sports.

Social Media

Sports Betting has benefitted greatly from technology and the way punters are able to interact with it has changed.  Social media such as Twitter, Facebook and even Instagram can be very useful tools when placing a bet. Just as the man on the street uses social media so do sports men and women.  Many times they will give their fans information such as their mind-set before a game, which could possibly change the way, a punter places a bet. Social media has made sports accessible to almost everyone who has access to the internet, whereas before there was no way of interacting with sports stars or teams and this inside information not only enhances the entertainment factor but can also give vital information.  The information could be as small as finding out that an athlete is not well, which means they will probably not be functioning at their best.


Technology has allowed punters more access to a wealth of information and has made sportsbetting much simpler, safer and easier.

Horse Racing In Emerald Sunflower Festival Queensland

The first horses hit the ground in Australia in 1788, it was said that the horses shipped over included one stallion, one colt, three mares and two fillies. Many towns throughout the country shortly after adopted this horse-fanatic culture. It started off with thoroughbred breeding and quickly turned into an age-old horse racing craze that is still in full blossom throughout the country.

Emerald is one of the towns that quickly adopted this popular culture. It’s a small town consisting of roughly around 12,895 people, its situated in the Central Highlands Region, Queensland.

As small as it is Emerald has a few of its own unique attractions other than horse racing events including its cotton farming heritage, as well as the Fairbairn Dam. The dam lies South of the town, and it houses the water of the great Lake Maraboon. When at its full capacity it is said to hold more water than the Sydney Harbour. Due to the size of this lake is has become a popular attraction for water sports.

Horse Racing History in Queensland

Horses might’ve arrived in Australia in the late 1700’s but official horse racing events only started taking off around the 1830’s. Queensland didn’t hold back for too long and quickly hosted their first horse race. It took place at Coopers Plains in 1843. Shortly after the hype more and more official horse races were scheduled and it didn’t take long for Queensland to be crowned the ‘home of horse racing’ in Australia. This north-eastern state of Australian bookmakers carries some of the most popular horse racing events on the events calendar and so it’s safe to assume that all the various towns within Queensland, including Emerald, also host their very own horse racing events, as well as have their own racecourses and race clubs.

Horse Racing Events in Emerald

Emerald is spoilt with various horse racing events throughout the year. One of the bigger ones to take note of is the Emerald 100. The event on the day includes a few horse races as well as additional activities to invite larger crowds to attend. The VIP tent is a popular showcase on the day and is always considered a high-end feature. Entrance to the tent is an additional cost at an average of $175.00 per person.

Other well-known horse race events in Emerald include the Twin Hills, Springsure Cup, the Dingo Cup and the Easter Sunday races that take place the same time as the Sunflower Festival.

The Sunflower Festival

Each year Emerald hosts one of their biggest events the Sunflower Festival. It runs over a few days comprising of various fun-filled activities. Easter weekend is generally the time of year that it is scheduled for. Festivities start off with a range of events including window dressing competitions, street parades, beauty contests, and a family fun day at Pioneer Park as well as the Easter Rodeo event. The Easter horse races happen on the Sunday at Pioneer Park with gates opening at 11.00am where spectators can enjoy up to 5 scheduled races on the day.

Female Tennis Betting With The Federation Cup

Tennis is one of those sports that have been adopted by many different nations all around the world and as a result has a lot of different international tournaments in order to compete the players of each nation against each other.

One such tournament is the Federation Cup or Fed Cup as it is known post 1995, and is the most prominent female tennis tournament in terms of number of participating countries in the whole world.

As can be expected with a uniquely setup tennis tournament, the betting associated with it is similarly linked and unique amidst the variety of different events found within this notable international sport.

The Federation Cup is certainly a highlight for the year of tennis that plays out annually and so perhaps the best way to analyse the betting connected with this tournament is for the punters to get a rundown on what components go into such a tennis tournament and how they then relate back to the betting that can be found both on and offline. From there one can inspect the other facets of the betting process and how to engage with it across the internet and various platforms. Overall there is a lot that goes into an operation such as this and therefore a lot for the punters around the world to discover along this journey.

Identifying the Aspects Involved with Tennis Betting

To begin with it may be prudent to first inspect the details surrounding the event itself. The Federation Cup first started in 1963 and was a celebration of the International Tennis Federation’s 50th Anniversary. Since this time the tournament has grown to accept a wide range of countries in its roster and has had some rather heated bouts across the court. This tournament is similar to the men’s Davis Cup, another international stage tennis tournament that pits teams of political betting Australia players as nations against each other in a knockout format, only in this particular tournament of course only women are permitted entry. The dynamic change in this all female competition definitely has an impact on the betting setup found through it and so punters should inspect the full scene to gather all the details of the situation.


Like most every format of the sports betting operation, this Federation Cup betting also draws the majority of its information from the structure of the gameplay itself. As a result, those punters familiar with the game of tennis as well as the underlying structure of the tournament in question will find that they have a good deal of information already available to them on how the betting setup will be created and then made available to the punters that decide to engage with it all. The result from this is that even the new punters learning the ropes will find the system in place rather intuitive to understand.

Final Statements on the Federation Cup Situation

Overall there is a lot of variety in the game of tennis as a whole and so across the tennis betting sites scene this also changes the shape of what the punters can then discover and engage with, meaning essentially that there is always more to discover in this constantly growing field of sports betting and how in this case it relates to the Federation Cup and the game of tennis.

A Glance at the Best Online Casino Bonuses Available in Canada

Casinos are constantly seeking to improve the services and benefits offered to players.  The key focus is generally placed on having the edge as far as new and entertaining games are concerned, as well as offering a variety of all of the best online casino bonuses that the online gambling industry has at its disposal.

Canada has a booming online gambling industry, and as such players from Canada constantly expect new and revised incentives.  The best online casino bonuses include the Sign Up / Joining bonus, the Match bonus, the No Deposit casino bonus, the Free Spins bonus, the Loyalty bonus and the Refer-A-Friend bonus.

The Sign Up / Joining Bonus

Perhaps the most common of all the best online casino bonuses, the Sign Up / Joining bonus is specifically aimed at incentivising new players to create a user profile with the casino offering the bonus.  Sign Up / Joining bonuses are also sometimes referred to as a Welcome bonus.  There is no legal restriction on the number of online casino sites that a player can join at any given time, hence a player can potentially benefit considerably from Welcome bonuses on more than one online casino site.

The Match Bonus

Canada online casino offering the Match bonus usually commit to matching any first deposit paid to the casino by the player. This is generally limited to a specified amount.

The Sticky Bonus

Sticky bonuses are usually offered to players of games like Roulette, Blackjack and Craps.  Being aimed at players who are big spenders, the Sticky bonus awards players with a match of up to 300% of their initial deposit.  Players would do well to keep in mind that the nature of the Sticky bonus is that the base bonus amount provided by the online casino cannot be withdrawn into the player’s own bank account. The Sticky bonus remains the property of the casino – only winnings over and above the Sticky bonus amount may be withdrawn.

The Loyalty / Exclusive Player Bonus

The Loyalty (or Exclusive) bonus is reserved by online casinos as a reward to regular players for their loyalty to the casino.  This type of bonus works on a points system. A player will receive a number of points for a specific period of time, pre-specified by the casino. These points will then translate into the value of the Loyalty bonus. Players from Canada generally prefer bonuses , for a variety of reasons. They tend to stick to specific casinos, and as such often come into the running for the Loyalty bonus.

No Deposit Casino Bonus

Another of the top favourite best online casino bonuses:  the No Deposit Casino bonus.  Players want to try out new online casino sites and games without putting too much on the line.  This is where the No Deposit Casino bonus comes in very handy.  These generally come with terms and conditions, but are overall a very nice treat.  Free money is always a big hit among players, and this type of bonus remains a favourite in Canada and elsewhere.

Picking out Canada’s Best Online Casino Options

The entire offering from the best online casino options available to the players of Canada are constantly growing and evolving. As a result it can be rather difficult at times to keep track of what is going on in the field of this casino action. Players involved will want to be able to scour the web in search of these various offers and whilst the majority of these are comprised of similar aspects, their final composition is what ultimately creates the unique online environment. This then means that a discussion on these various aspects can be quite a valuable one to those wanting to get in on the most recent online action relating to casinos.

In order to do this with the appropriate efficacy the punters should look to unravelling the complete packages offered through the best online casino options. This allows the players of Canada to get a good idea of what makes these systems tick and therefore how best to engage with such offers online. In this pursuit the players will be introduced to the various aspects that compile such an experience, without having to necessarily value any over any else.

The Basics of the Best Online Casinos

Whilst the best online casino options may seem full of detail and various other aspects, there are a few major contributors to the cause at hand. For the players this then allows them to perhaps find options online that cater rather more specifically to what it is they want out of the experience. When it comes to most engagements online there are a few factors that tend to point out the capabilities of such endeavours. Factors such as the safety of the particular online option, support offered to the players from the casino itself, the variety and options of games as well as even the flexibility of their offers and options and even the bonuses provided. Whilst a few of these factors can be found amidst most of the best online casino options, there is still a need to ensure inclusion of some of these factors.

Coveting the Perfect Online Casino Option

Whilst it is rather impossible to create an gambling online casino option that fulfils most of the players’ demands and expectations across the board, the players can narrow the factors they require necessary until a line of best fit emerges. With the best online casino options found for Canada this involves balancing the preferences that the players share with the factors available online. Sometimes this may not appear as attractive in reality, however there are ways to come out with some rather representable options and combinations.

Bringing the Necessary Online Casino Options Together

Once the players of Canada have a rather good idea of what they want from their best online casino experience, they can start negotiating it with the online scene available to them. One of the inviting aspects here is that of bonuses found online, as these tend to make this exploration rather more exciting for those involved. Overall the players will find that they are quite admirably equipped to take on this expedition.

All Time Best Pokies For Australian Casino Players

Slots machine games, or pokies, are the number one choice in casino entertainment for Australian players, and this is largely due to the fact that they are so incredibly easy to play. You sit down and set the reels spinning, invoking the favour of Lady Luck as you can, and are just as likely to win at the first game you play as your friend with years of experience is.

Thanks to the fact that online casinos do not have to operate under the space constraints that those on land do, the selection of pokies game online is almost limitless. There is a wide variety of games for you to choose from, and hundreds of titles within those categories too.

Types of Pokies Available Online

Classic slots games, the ones featuring the fun fruit symbols so well known to us, are widely available, and are an excellent place for players new to the world of pokies to begin. Video slots are modelled on themes taken from popular Hollywood films, and you can expect to enjoy movies you know and love in a whole new way when you give them a try. Detailed storylines, fantastic bonus features, and excellent graphics and sound effects all combine to transport you into a totally different world. 243 Ways to Win pokies games offer players many ways to triumph and the progressive jackpots keep increasing as players from Australia and around the world join in until the jackpot is won.

Bonus Offers Available for Online Pokies

Thanks to how many choices pokies players have these days, online real money pokies Australia casinos have been forced to make some very generous bonuses available to them in an effort to get them to sign up. These all take different forms, and allow players different types of rewards, but the one most beloved by Australian pokies players is the online slots no deposit bonus, which allows you to get into the games as soon as your registration has been completed.

Finding this bonus is very easy to do, the matter of an online search that will in minutes reveal hundreds of options for you to choose from, but the sifting through them is where the real work begins. There are a number of things you need to establish before signing up at a new online casino to enjoy pokies games at, and taking the time required at this stage of the proceedings will ensure you are not prey to undue frustration further down the line.

The most vital thing for you to ascertain is that the casino is licensed and regulated, and offers you a safe and secure environment in which to enjoy your games. You cannot be too careful when it comes to making real money transactions online, and you must have this item ticked off before you look at anything else the casino may offer. You will be sharing very sensitive personal and financial information with the website, and, unless there is a guarantee for your safety in doing so, you should run a mile.

All About Android Blackjack Mobile Casino Games

Blackjack is a card game that is found in casinos all over the world, and its been lauded as the most popular table game globally. So much so in fact that online and mobile casino developers are bringing out specialised versions of the game aimed at particular users of devices and platforms in the Australian market. One of these platforms is Android.

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Let’s Take a Look at the Gambling Culture in Canada

It is rumoured that gambling in Canada dates back to around 6000BC, but it was only with the arrival of John Cabot in 1497 that it was properly documented. According to his notes on the subject, many of the native tribes from Canada’s past played games of chance. According to Cabot, these games had a profoundly philosophical effect, and were said to garner some of the emotional, spiritual, mental and physical development of these tribe members.

Amendments in Official Gambling Regulations

Later in 1892, under the influence of English rule and the rigid Criminal Code, Canada banned all forms of gambling. This, however, did not last terribly long and by 1900 both bingo and raffles were permitted around the country, especially where any profits were used for charitable or religious purposes. A while after that, horse racing and various other forms of betting were legalised and gained wide popularity amongst many Canadian citizens.

By 1910, the law had been amended and allowed the practise of pari-mutuel betting. This form of gambling, also legal in France from 1894, became, and remains, particularly popular in horse racing and the wagering associated with similar sports.


As time went by the Canadian gambling laws, although amended on occasion, remained relatively unaffected until 1970 when massive changes to the Criminal Code gave many of the provinces authority to regulate the gambling industry in their own sectors as opposed to a blanket system of legality on the issue aimed at the whole country. As is the case with a number of other countries, especially the neighbouring United States of America, these changes in the law have resulted in gambling becoming hugely popular amongst a large portion of the population, which in turn allowed for the production of commercial casinos thus creating a multibillion-dollar industry

The Modern Multibillion Dollar Casino Industry

1989 saw the opening of the very first of these successful casinos in the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba and the next, four years later in Montréal. Since then other provinces such as Québec, Ontario, Nova Scotia and Saskatchewan have followed suit, and so the industry continues to grow.

Aside from the many permanent casinos around Canada there are also multitudes of other gambling facilities. Video Lottery Terminals or VLTs have proven to be an exceptionally popular technology that generates millions of dollars for provincial governments every year. These provincial governments are now also involved in setting up lotteries that assist many charitable and religious groups in their annual budgetary operations.

Gambling becomes Glamorous

This is a reflection of society’s changing view of gambling over the past century. Gambling is no longer exclusively seen as an immoral or irreligious activity, and government has taken the opportunity to invest their own sanctioned gambling winnings back into society. Also it is no longer considered a back room taboo with connotations of criminality, but holds the allure of a glamorous and sophisticated lifestyle with the added bonus of the potential to win.

Despite a long history of moral judgement and rigid laws, gambling has become recognised as a form of adult entertainment, and is increasingly accessible to most citizens.

Play at a Registered Online Casino in the Philippines with Guide

Online casino gaming and real money gaming may be considered a risky activity to dabble in with technology and the virtual realm presenting its own security risks and uncertainties. However, online gaming and security measures have grown with the technological times and online sites have created a safer gaming arena where fun can be had and worries left at the online casino door.

While newly established or unregistered online casino platforms with roots within the Philippines may lure in non-local players not from the Philippines with its bright lights, high hopes and false promises, online players can never be too sure that some virtual establishments are out to con them or that their real money is really safe, or if pay-outs will truly be paid out when promised. It is important to be cautious when joining an online site. Thorough research about the online casino must be conducted first before diving in.

With online con artists, scams and fly-by-night virtual casinos lingering around every unknown virtual corner, it is advisable, if not a must to only play on a registered and monitored online casino in Philippines. A online platform displays its credentials in clear view on the site, together with logo or information of other regulatory agencies it may be affiliated with.

Legal Matters Adhered to by Local Sites

Although odd, the gaming rules and regulations governing all the online gaming action in the Philippines does create one of the safest online gaming arenas in the entire world. This arena however cannot be experienced by local players as one of the rules is that local players are banned from making use of local casino sites and local online games. Local players are only allowed to enjoy non-local sites, while non-local players from other places in the world can enjoy online baccarat.

Pros of Registered, Licensed Online Sites

When registered with a law-abiding top casinos, not only are non-local players assured of the most technologically advanced security measures and the safest and most reputable banking methods, but they can also expect fair play and responsible gaming.

Having a license and having registered with the appropriate gaming organisations of the region means that every game and casino offering within that licensed casino’s portfolio has been legally obtained from the respective software or gaming developer.


This means that’s games are not pirated, copied or appear in any other illegal form than that of the original copy. And with original software and games, the best quality is enjoyed. A legal online casino in Philippines has been approved by the correct authority and licensing agency which means the quality, offerings, software and overall site is of the highest of standards required for all legal online casino sites in the Philippines.

Banking methods are secured with encryption software embedded into the online site, so non-local players can play for real money and know that funds will be transferred and returned without any problems or criminal interventions.