The Wagga Wagga Town Plate Sprint Carnival

The Murrumbidgee Turf Club is the host of the Wagga Wagga Gold Cup carnival. The feature event at the carnival is the Wagga Town Plate. This horserace, which carried a prize of $65 000 in 2012, now has prize money into the six figures. This is significantly more prize money than the standard Saturday metropolitan race in both Sydney, which has an average of $85,000, and Melbourne, with average purses of $80,000. This also takes the Murrumbidgee Turf Clubs’ bid to gain listed status for the Wagga Town Plate to a whole new level.

The MTC has continued to nurture the goal of gaining listed race status for the Wagga Town Plate, although there has been little advance over recent years. It is hoped the attractive, and increased prize money will draw the major metropolitan stables and thereby hopefully attract the quality of horse needed to upgrade to listed standard.

This is the third year in a row the MTC has lifted the prize money for its premier sprint event. The prize money for the Wagga Gold Cup, run on the second day of the carnival, will remain at $140 000.

This will be the richest ever Wagga Gold Cup carnival with $552 500 up for grabs over the two major days.


Traditional Australian Horse Racing

Australians have a long tradition and history with gambling. This tradition and history has been built upon the legacy of a horse racing industry that is world class. A well-developed industry, with huge international horse racing events, legendary horses and jockeys and respected breeding lines, horse racing and Australia have their histories and destinies entwined.

The online betting facilities are similarly impressive, with a huge choice of online crown oaks betting variants and wagering options. These facilities that are available for Antipodean access are also highly rated for their quality, high gaming standards, generous welcome bonuses and secure, safe online gambling conditions. With the incredible convenience of online and mobile access, attendance at any, or all, racetracks is possible from the comfort of your couch.

Success at the Wagga Town Plate

The key to improving ones chances at the horses, and winning that life altering amount of money, is to become as informed as possible. Betting on anything without proper knowledge of what you are actually staking your money on, is, euphemistically put; risky. Like wagering hard-earned cash on a horse because it has a nice name.

There are two areas where learning is required. The first one is all about the horses and the second is all about the money.

In the first case, learning about the horses themselves is essential to improving your chances of predicting the outcome of the race. Whilst there is no ‘winning formula’, knowing about the horses’ age, form, distance preferences, jockey, trainer, handicap and lane draw are certainly going to improve selection of the horse and jockey combination.

The 2015 Wagga Town Plate saw victory for the Canberra-based trainer Trevor McIlrick, combined with prolific bush hoop Brendan Ward and the well-backed Got The Goss. This was a significant victory considering the current levels of prize money, and increased interest from the neighbouring metropolitan stables.

Live Play Feast Of Casino Games At Casumo Casino

Since its launch in 2012, the primary mission of Cosumo online casino has been to deliver fast, exciting play to casino enthusiasts. The site’s interface, set up for instant play and readily accessible via mobile, is clean and simple, but games are still colourful, detailed, and enhanced with quality animation and sound. With more than 200 games from all parts of the casino to choose from, players will not run out of options. Live play in Casumo’s Live Casino is another way to enhance the genuine casino experience.

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Access To Free Spins No Deposit Online Casinos

If you are familiar with online casinos, you will know that the biggest advantage of visiting an online casino is having access to thousands of casino games. Online casinos offer the biggest range of casino games that you would just never find in a real-live casino. From slots to poker, roulette to baccarat, keno to blackjack and just about anything in-between. With slots alone, online casinos offer hundreds of different types of slots games. From classic Vegas-style slots to mega spins slots, all types of video slots as well as the highly entertaining interactive i-slot games. Free spins no deposit online casinos give players the chance to play any slots game for free at any given time.

Accessing No Deposit Casinos

So how do you get started playing free spins no deposit online slots games? The first thing you need to do is log onto any top-rated online casino. Once you are logged on, you can simply click on the instant play button and start playing your favourite slots games for free straight away. Alternatively you can download the full casino software to any PC or mac Computer for a more complete casino experience. At free spins no deposit online casinos, players also have the opportunity to play other casino games for free. Players try their hand at casino card games like poker, blackjack, baccarat or any other casino game that catches their eye.

Play Instantly Online

If you are a big fan of slots and casino games, then online casinos are the ideal place for you to get started. At free spins no deposit online casinos players never need to make a casino deposit in order to play. In most cases you don’t even need to sign in to start playing online. Unlike land-based casinos, when you play slots online, you simply click on the instant play button to start playing. No deposit casinos also allow players to play casino games for as long as you like, any time you want. If you no longer want to play games for free and want to win some money; online casinos give you the freedom to swap over at any given time. As long as you have funds in your online casino account, you can play for real money.


How to Play for Real Money

Playing real money deposit casino games for free can be incredibly fun and entertaining, but for most people, playing for real money is what it is all about. The good news is that free spins no deposit online casinos give players the opportunity to play for real money as well. This is how you can get started. If you do not already have an online casino account, the first step is creating an online account. It is really easy and only takes a few minutes. Once you have created an account, you can fund your account quickly and easily by credit card, debit card or by bank transfer. Once you have funds in your online casino account, you can start playing slots and casino games for real money and start winning real money.

Hilarious Online Video Slot South Park in Review

Some slots write their own theme and script, and this online South Park slot game from NetEnt certainly has the theme construction visible on the reels pretty down. From the moment the intro scene shows the unique character of Kenny being killed, again, by a slot machine game that falls on him, players will immediately recognise that same fledged humour displayed in the show to be found here in this slot game. The graphics of the game certainly share a similar appeal to that of the actual show and players interested in the notable characters within will be happy to find that not only do the four main boys make appearances on the reels but they come along with a bonus attached to each of them.

So whatever the satirical call out of the week may be players can look out for this South Park slot to perhaps remind them that in some ways there is a lot to laugh about. The structure of this slot game isn’t one of them however as players will look to this to find base game entertainment at this online slot. Players will locate the 5 reels and 25 adjustable lines fairly easily on the open interface available, with the reels themselves taking central screen. There is also the aforementioned bonus features that accompany the characters of South Park slot onto the reels for some real slot potential.

More on the Theme and Slot Betting Options

The colour scheme, graphics style and overall involvement of this theme on the reels of this slot game are very similar to the actual satirical cartoon series, and so players familiar with the original will likely find quite a few exciting options available to explore. These include some of the creative characters like Kenny of course, Kyle, Stan and obviously Cartman himself, causing a little mayhem alongside some additional winning potential for the players involved. Overall the effect produced visually by this South Park slot game from NetEnt is rather appealing, even if players don’t follow the series it comes from.

The setup of the South Park game is also fairly straightforward, a testament to the capabilities of the developer NetEnt who have been doing this slot creation thing for quite a while now and as a result know well where players will look to find and adopt things. This includes a range of betting options, from the adjustable lines to the actual bet value and more, making the experience quite capable of tailoring itself to the players involved.

Theming the Bonus Features on the Reels

Every good online slot game likes to offer its players a few bonuses on the side of a capable base game experience and with this South Park slot base game comes an accompanying collection of various features. These include bonus games linked to each of the main boys that offers players free spins, multipliers and more as they spin the reels. There are also a collection of various features that trigger during the base game and involve Wilds and other various instalments relating to the series this South Park slot is based on. Overall this game from NetEnt promises some fun.

Internet Based Sparks Online Slot Game Explained

It’s rather difficult to nail down a single aspect that dominates this online slot’s theme as players will realise when they open this multifaceted game. As the title of this Sparks slot game suggests, the primary focus is on bright bits of light, but from here the boiling pot expands. See the game itself takes on a rather tranquil style, minimalistic and with an almost ethereal atmosphere about it. This then invites a paradox between the erratic and almost unpredictable nature of Sparks themselves and so produces a rather interesting flow of thematic energy. The graphics are also pretty good which is nice.

On the 5 reels players will find harmonised arrays of light in dutiful line with the themed mashup of the game and across these symbols there are 20 pay lines fixed to the set. Beneath these symbols, which seem to hover mystically in the air without the need for any forms of border, there are also a few betting and other options that many games developed by NetEnt, like this Sparks slot, often have. In keeping with the minimalist approach to this theme there is only really one significant bonus feature but for those players that are fond of Wilds it is quite impressive.

Setup and Play and Slot Theme Performance

There are often quite a variety of betting options included in online slot games as this allows for a wide range of players to find an interesting level at which to play the game and given the global reach of the internet in question this can be quite demanding. With Sparks and a good couple of other NetEnt slots there is at the least a coin value option and bet level selection assisted in accessibility through a max bet button as well as an autoplay feature. Where this particular slot does get a good degree more interesting is the fact that there is also a selection on pay line direction which allows players to either score wins from left to right or both left to right and vice versa on the reels.

Once players are setup, an easy challenge given the simple layout of this NetEnt slot game, they will then begin to take more interest in the symbols involved in this Sparks slot game. They will notice in these the full experience of the real money slots theme, from the minimalistic and simple approach, to the tranquil and vivid graphical atmosphere and right down to the slot title and primary thematic focus. Even the playing card symbols are involved and all dolled up in themed attire.

That Wild Sparks Bonus Feature Involved

As mentioned above, there is only the one bonus feature to this Sparks slot game and that involves a rather involving Wild symbol. Whilst there is still a standard Wild symbol on the reels, players will notice another similar looking Wild that appears on only reels 2 and 4 and also in the colour of bonuses, gold. This Wild symbol can possibly expand when players land it either way it then sets the symbols on either side to matching, based on the left most one. This creates a couple more winning possibilities and conditions on the reels of this Sparks online slot from NetEnt.

The South Park Reel Chaos Slot Game For Online Players

South Park Reel Chaos is a video slots game designed and developed by Net Entertainment, one of the leaders in today’s gaming software world. The game combines five reels and twenty pay lines with a theme of super heroes and South Park characters.

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Introducing You about Free Mobile Casino Games on Internet

The opportunity to play and experience all the traditional casino games for free online is an exciting prospect. There is a large upwelling in the gaming industry in general, and with casino games in particular. Some of the games entering the market place currently have proved to it to be the most profitable entertainment genre ever. Millions of people follow individual Youtube gamers and purchase the popular games and apps they play and test immediately they are released. Casino games, similarly, are broadly popular.

Mobile games have also become popular since the overwhelming use of smartphones. Mobile casinos are specifically designed to provide all the excitement of online casino play. We are seeing the free mobile casino games online sites offer being played by millions of users. These free, and real money games, are available through the various app stores in the downloadable or app form, or, they are available via any web browser in an instant play format at the casino site itself.

The Ubiquitous Mobile Tool

Mobile device usage is extremely widespread, and these devices are being used for all sorts of applications. This desire to be able to play and interact on mobile devices at the drop of a hat has had a profound impact on both casino and games design. Apart from the increased demand, new technologies such as HTML5 have led to many new online casinos only being available in this instant play format, since the games designed on this forum can be played perfectly on all mobile devices.

The net result of this swathe of free mobile casino games online is that all the traditional casino games such as poker, blackjack, keno or roulette can be played with immediate ease. Even more significantly, that ridiculously popular casino game, the slots machines, also provide plenty of free games for mobile. All in the name of fun. Developments in the mobile field is creating an ideal environment for easily accessed, instant play, and highly entertaining casino games.

A Portable Casino of Fun

The fact is that mobile casinos are providing players with a thrilling free online adventure. Free mobile casino games online enable play to be conducted anywhere and anytime, on almost all smartphones or mobile IT devices.

This, the free mobile casino games online offer is a significant opportunity to play, practice and become fully proficient at any selected game. This is a powerful marketing incentive designed to encourage new players to try out the games and experience the bliss of these direct, exciting money-winning games.

Providing the Casino Attractions

Appreciating casino play, the games involved, learning why they are so popular and having real fun without any cost is therefore the point of free mobile casino games online. Nevertheless players should exercise their freedom of choice, choose the various different game offerings wisely, and give themselves time to read the terms and conditions.

Free mobile casino games online are therefore the solution to discovering a whole new world of casino play too. The opportunity to discover, try and become proficient at selected games, games that may have appeared daunting and costly beforehand are now just a free taps away.

Do You Know Types Of Online Roulette Options?

At online roulette Canada casinos players can enjoy a number of different variations of this classic game. Roulette has made the very successful transition from the royal courts to some of the most prestigious land-based casinos in the world, and in the 1990’s it took the leap online and has since become one of the most popular table games around.

A game that oozes style, sophistication and effortless class, roulette has stood the test of time and still captivates players with its spinning wheel of fortune. The web’s leading online casino software developers have created superb, realistic versions of this exciting game and have enhanced and adapted it to be enjoyed in the digital environment. Continue reading “Do You Know Types Of Online Roulette Options?”

Win Real Money For Free Playing Bingo Online

Winning real money for free whilst playing bingo online may sound rather far-fetched, but in fact it’s a wonderful reality that can be enjoyed at many of the top gaming sites on the web. Free money rewards or bonuses are offered by a number of bingo sites in an effort to capture player’s attention and get them to check out everything that’s on offer. Free bingo games that can be played for real money offer a casino or gaming site the chance to show off the standard of entertainment they provide in the most realistic way possible, and they also encourage players to choose them from the vast and varied competition.

Big Bingo Rewards

Land-based bingo rooms may have rewarded players in different ways but you’d very seldom be given the chance to play for free and win real money. One of the major marketing tools that are employed by virtual bingo rooms and online casinos are free money bonuses and this gives you the chance to have fun, place real money bets or play real money games and stand a chance of reaping the rewards. When it comes to bonuses this type of reward is definitely one of the best available out there and whoever said you don’t get anything for free these days hasn’t tried their luck at online bingo.

Fun for Free Online

Online bingo free money bonuses are a great way to kick start your online gaming experience, and learn more about this exciting form of lucky numbers entertainment. Bingo doesn’t require any skill and all you need to do is choose the numbers you think the caller will end up selecting from the draw. Free money however gives you the opportunity to test out the games, become familiar with the different patterns required and the variety of different ball games on offer. For those on a tight budget or just looking to have fun, this free money is an added bonus as it enhances the enjoyment of the game and gives you the chance to walk away a winner without making any financial commitment of your own.

How to Claim Free Money

Getting your hands on online bingo free money is actually incredibly easy. There are a number of NBA betting Australia sites that offer this bonus and all you need to do is sign up and claim your rewards. Some bingo sites may require you to enter a bonus code, whilst others will automatically credit your account with real money. You can then use this real money to play bingo and hope that your lucky numbers are the ones that are called!

When claiming free money online it’s always advisable that you check the terms and conditions attached as you’ll want to get as much value out of the bonus as possible. Bingo bonuses may feature play-through requirements and you’ll have to use the money a certain number of times before cashing out, or you may have a time limit during which you’ll need to play a certain number of games. These terms and conditions should be fair to both you and the site that offers the reward, and are put in place in order to prevent abuse.

Free money for online bingo games is available at your fingertips, you just need to find a site that offers this exciting reward and start playing!

A Guide To The Best Online Bingo Experience for New Players

The game of bingo has experienced something of a rejuvenation since it went online and over the last decade or so has been thrilling players in Canada and across the globe with its fast-paced fun. A simple game to understand, bingo requires no skill, no strategy and no practice and its unpredictable nature ensures that players of any level stand exactly the same chance of winning big.

Once considered a game played by pensioners in local church halls, online bingo is the complete opposite and it’s slick, sophisticated and state-of-the-art. Some of the web’s leading internet casino software developers have created bingo games for your enjoyment and the gorgeous graphics, cutting edge game play and realistic effects ensure that you enjoy the ultimate game of chance experience.

Exciting Bingo Games Keep You Entertained

Bingo is often likened to online slots as it’s a fast-paced game with very quick returns. In an effort to offer players even more chances of winning big many bingo sites allow you to play multiple games or cards at once, increasing the likelihood of your lucky numbers being called. Progressive bingo has also become very popular and the payouts in these games are simply phenomenal. The best online bingo games don’t just reward winners with cash, there are also a myriad of exciting prizes up for grabs, and exotic holidays, cars, electrical appliances, gadgets and other amazing items can all be won.

Bingo comes in a few traditional variants, with 30 ball bingo considered the mini version of the game and 75, 80 and 90 ball bingo being the most common styles otherwise. A bingo site will clearly illustrate what type of game you are about to play and there’ll be a game schedule posted so that you can keep track of when games are taking place and what buy-in is required. Chat games, monthly games, big jackpot games and other exciting options are available and once you discover how enthralling online bingo is, you’ll never look back.

A Social Online Game

A major part of playing bingo is the social interaction it offers and online bingo sites have ensured that this element has been retained. Live chat is used to connect players and there’s a chat manager or CM who’ll guide conversation and engage players. Many a firm friendship has been formed in online bingo chat rooms and the side games and exclusive bonuses on offer also make this virtual space a very rewarding place to be. There’s a whole bingo lingo that you can learn and just like in the land based version of the game there’s a caller who will announce the winning balls. This caller can be quite cheeky and the little rhymes that accompany the winning balls will keep you well amused.

Free and Real Money Bingo

If you’re feeling a little out of your depth or want to try your hand at bingo but don’t want to risk losing any money there are also free games available online that are ideal for the budget conscious. In a brick and mortar bingo hall you’d never be able to play a game for free, but one of the many benefits of playing online is that you can test out a game, learn how it works or just have fun without worrying about making a deposit or denting your bankroll.

Bingo is exciting and can be very rewarding, and with so many bingo sites open to the NBA betting Australia players of online casino, there’s never been a better time to play.