Choosing a Winning Horse for Beginners

There is an art to consistently choosing the winning pony at the races.  Combining information about the competitors past wins, favourite track surface, and post position will make you much more accurate when picking your odds and your winner. Here are basics to get you started.

Figure out the Racing Form

The racing form has all the information you need to make a reasonably good attempt at picking a winner. Once you’ve figured out what all the stats and numbers are, choosing your horse becomes that much easier. The forms show you the historical performance and the most recent placing of the ponies on the course.

Beyer Speed Figures

These are usually found in bold in the centre of the form. The Beyers numbers indicate the winning time, race time and speed of the track for each horse.

Although not accurate enough to use on its own, top racers will have numbers in the 100s while the best runners will be in the 120s.

  • Pace Projections – Using past race information, betters can estimate the pace of the race they want to bet on and decide which runner will perform.


One of the biggest factors when choosing a winner is the track distance. Like in any sport these athletes have their strong suits. If you are looking at a horse who has consistently performed well on a shorter track you wouldn’t bet on it for a longer run. In the same vein, if your horse tends to break late, your best bet will be on a longer track.

While you are getting the hang of pace and speed take a break and play real money slots. Pace combined with the track distance will give a you pretty strong betting edge.

Track and Weather

Sand or grass, dry or wet. Check how your favourite has done on a particular track surface. They may perform better on sand or be untested grass. Is the track wet or dry? A little bit of ran can turn a dirt track into mud or the grass track into a slip n slide.

Form Cycles

Athletes aren’t always in top form and even horses have bad days. Check your horses form cycle to see if they are ‘In Form’, which means they are in good condition and likely to perform well, or if they are ‘Off Form’, meaning they are not at their best.

Purse Size and Origin

The purse size can give you an indication of how a horse will perform. Horses don’t command big prizes based on their looks. If there is lots of money in the pot it’s for a good reason.

Owners generally won’t spend a fortune transporting their runners to site if they aren’t pretty confident that their horse will perform. If they’ve come a distance it is a good indication of the runner’s potential.

Post Position

The order that the horses are lined up will play a major role in the outcome of the race. Numbered 1 to 20, post 1 is on the inside against the rail and 20 the farthest outside.

Check your favourites previous positions to get a feel for which posts they performed well out of before. If your horse has consistently done badly out of the farthest post, and well from the inner, your favourites position out the gate can help to make your final decision. Remember this is true for the competing runners too. So, check the competitions line up and you may find yourself choosing a different winner altogether.

An Intro to the Types of Bets to Place on Horse Racing

Want to try your hand at betting on horse racing? Whether you choose your winning horses based on their names, the jockey’s weight, your favourite colour or past wins, a day at the races is so much more enjoyable if you have an idea of the type of bets you can place, and what it means if you win.

The Straight Forward Bets

These bets are the easiest ones to place if you are new to the sport and want to enjoy the sports betting NZ has to offer. Uncomplicated, you simply pick your favourites and place your bet.

  • Win – In a bet to win you are, yes, you guessed it, betting on which horse is going to win. If your selected pony wins, so do you.
  • Place – A place bet is when you bet on your runner to place 1st or 2nd. Keep in mind the number of runners, as the fewer horses in the race means fewer chances to win. Most betting sites and bookmakers will only pay-out for three places in fuller races. Less than eight runners and the pay-out is for 1st and 2nd
  • Each Way – An Each Way bet is a two in one bet. Basically, a win and a place bet. If your horse comes in 1st you win the Place bet and the Win bet. If your Horse comes in 2nd or 3rd you lose the win but still win on the place.

The Less Straight Forward Bets

The more complex and exact the bet the better the pay outs can be. The below bets are an intro into the more exotic options

  • Quinella – Choose the horses to place 1st and 2nd. It doesn’t matter which order they come in, if they’re in the top two you’re a winner.
  • Exacta – Much the same as the Quinella, except the Exacta like its name sounds, means you are choosing the exact order of the first two places. Not as easy to call, the winnings are usually a bit bigger.
  • Trifecta – Pick the horses for 1st, 2nd and 3rd to win the Trifecta.
  • Superfecta– Horses 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th in the order they will finish.

  • Quadrella – In a quadrella you choose the four winners from four predetermined races. They split the winnings in the pool between the successful players.
  • First Four – The horses to come in the top four
    • Straight first four – You choose your top four in the specific order they will place.
    • Box first four – Your four picks come in the first four in any order.
    • Standout first four – You specify the winner and any combination of horses for 2nd, 3rd and 4

Boxed bets

  • You can play a boxed Quinella, Exacta, Trifecta and Superfecta. With a boxed bet you are picking your horses to win in any combination.

Although not an exhaustive list, this will give you a good base to start from. As you spend more time learning about the sport you will pick up more about the types of bets, how the odds work and the best way to choose your winning horse.

The Top 5 Recommendations to Speed Your Recovery Post Enduro

People are not designed to run endurance races, but for some, the challenge to endure is just too strong.

The punishment our joints and muscles take, and the mental toll of participating in this type of running, all result in much needed recovery time. Here are 5 rules to aid your recovery and get you back on the trails.

1. Start Out the Right Way.

We all know those runners who wake up on a morning and decide to participate in a race having done only a minimal amount of training. This is just not possible for endurance running. It may seem obvious, but putting a roadrunner onto rough terrain with no training is asking for injury.

So aside from developing the fitness to complete the length of the race, be sure that you are also terrain fit. The best place for a runner to train is on the terrain they plan to compete on. Not training properly can only result in injury and a long, long recovery time.

2. Avoid the Urge and Commit to Your Recover

This means no running. A difficult thing to do once the aches and pains subside, work out what your recovery markers are and commit to them. Many runners advocate active recovery after a race, but even easy runs can add wear and tear.

The question is will you be able to tell the difference between post run stiffness and a new injury in the making. A good rule of thumb is 1 day off for every 10-miles run.

We know that ten days off the road is unthinkable, especially if your identity is inexplicably intertwined with your ability to run. However, It is shorter than six months on the couch because of an ACL tear.

3. Refuel and Rebuild your Body

This should go with out saying, but providing your body with the nutrients it needs to help it recover faster is paramount to a reasonable recovery time. Your reserves need replenishing and those muscles need the building blocks to rebuild.

A high protein diet, healthy fats, limited simple carbs, and lots of hydration after the race and the following days are vital.

4. Get Moving

Not running, but stretching. Many of us have made the mistake of ignoring this golden nugget only to find ourselves bent into what ever shape we last lay in and unable to move.

Before the stiffness reaches its peak, stretch things out, whatever needs it. Regular stretching should not be underestimated.

5. Rest Up and Get Some Shut Eye.

It is a well-known fact that the hours we spend with our eyes closed are the body’s’ time to repair.

During the various stages of sleep our body goes through the process of resting our brains to revitalise us mentally, and slow wave and deep sleep during which time our body repairs itself.

Getting some extra rest after a race will speed up recovery time considerably. So, turn down those invitations to hang with friends and turn in early, or sit back and relax and play a bit of real money Blackjack.

Endurance racing pushes our bodies and minds to absolute maximum capacity. With our bodies performing at their peak pace for hours or days, the recovery is as important as the training you put in to get there.

Get back into it slowly, and be sure to check that your stride is normal before you start full tilt training again. Happy resting.

6 Tips to Increase Your Running Stamina

For endurance runners, increasing their running stamina takes precedence in their training regime. It’s virtually impossible to get through a long distance run without endurance and just like any other sport, it takes time and commitment in order to reach the pinnacle of performance.

Many runners naturally progress to running longer distances as it breaks up their running regimen by adding variety. As a result of building their endurance during longer distance runs, they often experience that shorter runs become easier and faster.

Building stamina helps you fight off exhaustion and power through that extra mile, a crucial element when competing in endurance running events. Increasing your running stamina can only happen through dedicated and consistent training but there are a few tricks you can try to help you improve your level of endurance.

1. Have A Goal In Sight

Having both short term and long-term goals in mind make up a crucial part of staying motivated.

Training for a specific race or distance is a great way to set goals and will help you move forward. Having a set goal will encourage you to reach longer distances or achieve a certain running pace.

Remember that no goal is out of reach, even a long term distance goal is achievable if you break it down into smaller goals based on your current performance.

2. Start Gradually

The key to building your running stamina is to do it gradually. Some running experts suggest that beginners commit to a six week plan that relies on running every other day. The plan starts with just 5 minutes of running, adding one extra minute to each run during the first and second week.

By the time you start your third week you’ll be running for 12 minutes at which time you should add an extra two minutes to each run. During the fourth week tack on an extra three minutes and an extra four minutes to each run during week five and six.

By following this plan you will have gradually increased your running stamina from a paltry five minutes to 64 minutes. Be sure to start and end each run with a few minutes of brisk walking.

3. Decrease Your Speed

It might seem counter-intuitive at first but try and slow down your running pace on longer runs. A slower running speed allows you to conserve energy and will help you avoid running out of energy before you’ve reached your distance goal.

4. Introduce Inclines

Adding some incline to your running routine will help build your stamina. Instead of running exclusively on a flat surface, try gradually incorporating some hill running. Be sure to maintain a comfortable running pace so that you avoid burning out and slowly increase the distance of the hill segments. You can do this by adding a half-mile to one mile at a moderately steep incline to your regular runs, increasing the distance every few weeks.

5. Take a Break

Be sure to space out your long runs. Remember that the further you run, the more you’re challenging your body.

This means that you need to ensure that you give your body enough time to recover between sessions. Your muscles need adequate time to heal, especially after a long distance run so make sure to space out your long runs adequately.

Don’t overdo it, and take a break and enjoy watching TV or playing the online pokies NZ have to offer for a while.

6. Eat for Endurance

To ensure that you have enough energy to sustain yourself through a long run, eat a pre-run meal that is high in complex carbohydrates such as brown rice, whole grains and oatmeal.

Endurance Events: From One Extreme to Another

Regardless of the sport, endurance events will test the physical and mental limits of the participants who are adventurous (and possibly mad) enough to compete. There are many variables that can impact a competitor’s performance, the elements are unpredictable at best and lethal at worst but for the brave few, the appeal of competing in an endurance event is undeniable.

It is this mercurial draw that has cemented the growing popularity of endurance challenges in recent years. You’ll be able to find the world’s toughest endurance competitions being held on every continent.

From Antarctic ultra-marathons that see competitors traverse the frozen expanse of the South Pole to the world’s toughest footrace that takes place in the Sahara Desert, these extreme endurance races are exhilarating as the slots NZ have to offer and force participants to push themselves like never before.

Below you’ll find a few of the most gruelling endurance events in the world. Finish any one of them and you can truly say that you’ve challenged the absolute limits of your body and mind.

Marathon des Sables – Sahara Desert

This gruelling six-day ultra-marathon is held every year in southern Morocco and sees competitors brave a brutal 251kms through the Sahara Desert. The setting is one of the most inhospitable environments in the world and competitors are required to carry all their food and supplies on their backs through this multi-stage event.

The Marathon des Sables is often referred to as the world’s toughest footrace and with good reason, it covers the same distance as approximately six regular marathons. Broken into several stages with time limits for each one, the longest single stage is 91km long. Enduring the harsh desert conditions in itself is challenging enough, let alone the gruelling distance that competitors are required to complete but this is a test of perseverance, and at times, survival.

Organisers of the event have mandatory checkpoints with water and medical support along the way to ensure that competitors stay hydrated. Even with safety measures in place, they still run the risk of getting lost, as they are at the mercy of the Mother Nature in one of the most hostile locations on the planet.

Antarctic Ice Marathon

This formidable endurance race is the only one of its kind held in the interior of Antarctica. The Antarctic Ice Marathon sees competitors attempt a 100km run with snow and ice underfoot throughout its marked course.

Set against a stark white backdrop of mountains, hills and seemingly endless expanses of ice, the course has an average elevation of 3,000 feet (900 meters). This ultra marathon should only be attempted by the toughest endurance athletes, as it presents a daunting challenge that sees competitors bear the brunt of an average wind chill temperature of -20˚C (-4F), as well as the prospect of strong katabatic winds.

It is the southernmost marathon in the world and provides competitors with the only opportunity to complete a 100km event on the frozen continent. If you want to join the elite ranks of the ultra-exclusive 7 Continents Marathon Club, you have little choice but to brave the cold and dominate the “world’s coolest 100”.

Understanding Horse Racing Bets

Horse racing is one of the most wagered upon sports in online betting. Many bettors in New Zealand have been making use of this form of sports betting for quite some time and have been able to receive massive payouts because of it. Horse racing is more than just betting on which horse will win a race, it is a culture and comes with its own community that are very active online to help any bettor to make the best choices when betting on any race. This article will outline a few tips that a bettor in New Zealand can make use of in order to increase their chances of winning when betting on a horse race.

Digital information

Any bettor that wants to make use of the online sports betting sites in order to bet on the races will be exposed to a plethora of information that is available to them online. This information will prove very useful to any person that wants to win bigger and better. The information that is available online will include the horses that are in every race, as well as their race history. This will provide the bettor with an accurate prediction of how the race will play out. Bettors that monitor and use this information are more likely to win bigger with their bets.

Having a Love for the Races

More than just betting online, it is important for a bettor to love the races and to have a deep understanding of how the races and bets are structured. Not all horses and races will provide the same odds and this can change the payouts that will be received. Understanding the odds and how the bets are placed will provide a bettor with a much better opportunity to win big at the races.

Online Sports Betting Sites

When a bettor wants to take part in online horse race betting, they are given an array of options to choose from when it comes to where they want to place their bets. Bettors that make use of the most popular and most loved sports betting sites in New Zealand will be given a much better betting experience than any bettor that makes use of a less popular site. Making use of a top rated online site will not only allow you as a bettor to enjoy the best benefits but will also provide you with a number of free bets and bonuses that will make your horse racing bets much better when you decide in October to try out Caulfield Cup betting.


So as we can see, any new bettor that wants to take part in the online world of sports betting and specifically the horse race betting can use these tips and tricks to win bigger. Being in the winning seat is more than just winning a few bets and any bettor in New Zealand is able to maximise the way that they win when they make use of the above tips to start their horse racing bets.

Free Bets And Bonuses Explained

Almost all sports books in New Zealand will offer some form of free bets or bonuses to encourage you as the bettor to either sign up or keep betting on their sites. Think of free bets or bonuses as a coupon that is used on the site, but instead of it being for a discounted product, it is in the form of a free bet. Now if you are like me, you would be a bit skeptical at first now that you know that these bonuses are marketing tactics. However, this can be used to your advantage, and this guide will dig deeper into what these bonuses entail as well as how to use them.

Continue reading “Free Bets And Bonuses Explained”

Most Popular Online Casino Games

Everyone seems to have opposing views as to what the most popular online casino games in Hong Kong are, but we think we have whittled it down to the 4 definite favourites.  They are covered in further depth here and while we havent included real money slots as one, you can take it as a given that this is the most popular.

Baccarat Casino Games In Hong Kong

Do you think that baccarat is one of the most popular online casino games in Hong Kong? We certainly do! Very popular both in Macau and online, it has been amongst the most popular Chinese and Hong Kong casino games for a long time.  This table game has many reasons why it is so popular in Hong Kong, but we think that because of its high stakes and being a high risk card game it appeals to Hong Kong players who need to burn off steam from very busy working lives! Baccarat was first played in France in the 19th century, but is now played worldwide.

There are three main variants of this game.  Punto banco or North American baccarat is completely a game of chance.  Baccarat chemin de fer (also known as chemmy) and the well known baccarat banque (also a deux tableaux) are both versions of the game where skill is definitely a part of determining the outcome of the game.

Sic Bo Casino Games In Hong Kong

Sic bo originates in China, and means ‘precious dice’.  It is a game of chance which is really a part of China’s national identity.  So popular is this game in Hong Kong, that we think it definitely is one of the most popular online slots casino games available to Hong Kong players. Sic bo is played with 3 dice, betting on the outcome of the three dice when rolled.

Pai Gow Casino Games In Hong Kong

A Chinese domino based game that has been played by people in Hong Kong and China for at the very least a millennium, it is without a doubt one of the most popular online casino games available to players in Hong Kong and across the world today. There is also a poker version of pai gow, but the traditional domino game is the most popular version.  Pai gow entails adding up the total on the dominoes to work out the scoring.  You drop the first 1 in any double digit score.  The highest hand you can get is 9 in this game.

Mahjong Casino Games In Hong Kong

Again this game uses dominoes and is a without a doubt one of the most popular online casino games in Hong Kong, if not in all of Asia. It has similarities with the European game rummy and each player gets a hand of thirteen of the tiles.  Usually there are four players, and they will battle it out in the hope of getting a meld (four tiles) or alternatively a head (two tiles).  There are many variations of this most popular online casino games that Hong Kong players can choose from when looking for hours of entertainment, and the option of winning great money to take home.

Playing the Pirates Gold Deluxe Game

Pirates Gold Deluxe is a classic video slots game offering players numerous rewarding winning combinations and bonus games. It was designed and developed by Net Entertainment (NetEnt).

The game offers players five reels, three rows, and nine pay lines to play on. It is a modern game with a very classic design, harking back to a classic pirate theme.

The coin value is set at ten coins, and the max bet option lies at ninety coins, if players choose to activate all of the nine pay lines available.

The Pirate and Adventure Theme

The theme of the Net Entertainment Pirates Gold Deluxe video slots game, as its name might suggest, focuses on the wold of adventure and pirates.

The background and reel design of the game mirror this pirate theme. The reels are depicted in a wooden casing, above which lie the game’s logo and a pirate.

The symbols of the Pirates Gold Deluxe video slots game also depict the theme, and players will encounter classic pirate icons such as cannons, shells, ships, swords, parrots, pirates, rings, jewels, and a skull and crossbones icon.

The symbols of the game are not animated, but they will flash every time players land a winning combination.

The Enemy Ship Bonus Game

The Pirates Gold Deluxe video slots game offers players two rewarding bonus games. The Enemy Ship bonus game is one of them.

When players land three or more pirate symbols on an active pay line, the Enemy Ship bonus game will be automatically triggered. Here, players will be presented with an enemy ship, and their goal is to fire at it and sink it. In the middle of the playing screen, players will see their weapon of choice, an old-school cannon. They can control this cannon by the use of three buttons underneath the cannon, two depicting arrows that allow players to move the cannon, and one marked with a skull to fire the cannon. The ship will move across the field and players will have to aim for it and fire the cannonball.

During this bonus round, players can win ten, fifty, or one hundred times their original bet. If they manage to hit the enemy ship containing the golden key, players will automatically be taken to the Pirates Gold Deluxe second top rated slots no deposit bonus game.

Help the Parrot Bonus Game

The second bonus game in the Pirates Gold Deluxe video slots game is the Help the Parrot bonus game. In this bonus game, players will have to help the game’s parrots open one of the five depicted treasure chests. Again, players will encounter three buttons to help them manoeuvre around. Two of these buttons contain arrows, which will allow players to select the treasure chest they wish to open. The third button depicts a key, and clicking on this one will open the treasure chest.

During the Help the Parrot bonus game, players can win one hundred, two hundred, five hundred, or one thousand times their total bet.

Pirates Gold Slot Review

Pirates Gold is a five reel, three row and five single payline title developed by Net Entertainment Inspired by the developers classic slot titles, Pirates Gold emulates a realistic slot machine situated in a and based casino.


The machine itself is the sole focus, with the background providing subtle triggers that accomplish the loo and feel of a land based casino environment. The reels in Pirates Gold are diminished in comparison to other titles available.

The slots layout is simple and easy to navigate through. The buttons feature standard slots options, which makes wagering customization options available to players opting for a more strategic approach.

Pirates Gold is more than meets the eye, at first glance the slot seems minimalist and understated, playing Pirates Gold reveals a combination of modern slot characteristics combined with classic slot game play.

The graphics and reel symbols are basic and cartoon like. The game play is smooth and frame rates run without any distracting lag times. Pirates Gold slot is an entertaining offering from Net Entertainment that incorporates more than meets the eye in the form of a extra bonus feature, which keeps the slot keyed up.

Pirate Gold Reel Symbols

Themed around a pirate captain who can be seen clutching golden jewellery just above the reels and his faithful companion a green parrot, set to tackle the ocean one a wave at a time. Pirates Gold symbols include graphics themed around boot strapping, loot loading high seas adventures.

The reels symbols include a skull and crossbones pirate flag, a wooden treasure chest, a parrot popping in, a cutlass, a golden ring encrusted with a ruby red stone, a cannon, a shell and a golden coin featuring the Pirates Gold main character.

Bonus Symbol

Pirates Gold makes use of a bonus symbol, a clever feature that is unnoticeable at first glance. The gold coin complete with the Pirates Gold main character represents the bonus symbol in Pirates Gold slot title. Players should remove their eye patches when spinning the reels and be on the lookout for the gold coin, as it will trigger the bonus feature of the slot.

Pirates Gold Bonus Feature

Landing a lucky spin featuring three Pirates Gold coins will trigger the bonus round of the slot.

Once the bonus feature initiates, players will be automatically prompted to an alternative game. In this phase you will need to align your cannon just right to shoot and destroy other ships passing by the island.

The game will now redirect you to a winnings total screen. If your sinking blow in the previous phase was lucrative enough you will be awarded with the golden key and automatically advanced to the next phase of the bonus game making it one of the best online pokies in Australia. If you are not lucky on this attempt and no golden key is found, the feature will end and you have the possibility to try again by retriggering the bonus feature.

If players have received the golden key, the next phase will begin. The parrot will snatch the golden key and fly away. Players will need to guide the parrot to one of five lucky treasure chests. Each chest will reveal random prize winnings.