Election betting review

Take Part in Online Election Betting

Although you may not have had much experience in election betting in its more official capacity, you have probably got some measure of familiarity with it. Perhaps you have just made a wry prediction silently when listening to the latest promises potential candidates are so fond of making, or have made a small, informal wager with a few of your friends as to the likelihood of any of a contenders implementing the changes they swore the would when the run up was taking place?

Doing so online is not much different, except for the fact that you can take home far more significant amounts of money, and election betting reviews will help you make sure that the place you have decided to begin taking part in this fun pastime is a legitimate, licensed one that offers you a safe place for your real money transactions.

The Sky is the Limit Online

You won’t need to limit yourself to elections taking place in your part of the world, as the World Wide Web allows us to gather information from countries anywhere on earth. If you have a knack for making good educated guesses as to which party, or candidate, will end up with the winning seats, or seat, then you need to start making use of election betting reviews today to find a bookmaker that can help you put a little extra money in your pocket.

You will not be limited to taking part only by means of your laptop and desktop computers either, and can take part by means of your smartphone or tablet devices quite easily as well. Your transactions will be just as safe if you decide to go mobile, as the same 128 bit data encryption technology that is in place for online bookmakers offering this facility is in use for mobile users as well. Election betting reviews will help you find the best bookmakers for each portal, and you will soon find that the process is not one markedly different from those attached to sports or racing events.

How to Correctly Predict Outcomes Online

There are many bookmakers that allow for this type of betting, and election online betting reviews will help you find the ones most suited to the way you prefer to take part. Election betting reviews will help you ascertain which political events are available for you to start investigating at any point of the year, and you will be able to increase your chances of the win by making sure you do your research thoroughly before you put any money down.

There are so many sources of information online that you will have no difficulty in determining which way the voting public is headed, no matter how large or small the election you are considering making a prediction on happens to be. Make use of election betting reviews today, find out exactly what you need to be looking for in to in order to start boosting your bankroll, and enjoy the process of making a little money off the sometimes empty promises politicians are so happy to keep making.

Artificial Intelligence And Sports Betting

When broken down into its fundamentals, sports betting is nothing more than a series of numbers and calculations. While it’s a cynical and cold way to look at betting, it’s also the proven way to see big returns on any sports bets that you make.

But what if we took it one step further, and introduced automated systems that could analyse, dissect, and predict how a game would pan out in the future?

Artificial intelligence was once only part of the realm of science fiction, but over the last few years, we’ve seen a leap forward in the technology powering AI.

While it’s far from being a conscious being, our current AI is still capable of learning and processing vast amounts of information, and one such industry that could benefit from this is sports betting, specifically online betting.

The Advantages of Sports Predicting AI

One of the reasons that sports have always been popular is because of their unpredictability. We don’t know how a game is going to play out, and that uncertainty adds a layer of exhilaration to both watching and betting on the sport.

But this is also where sports betting fails many; without any sort of prediction, it’s almost impossible to figure out what’s going to happen on the field.

It means that odds can be altered, inflated, and corrupted to the point where punters simply don’t see the point of betting at all.

Introducing AI, at least at a limited level, might help straighten out the odds for those punters, allowing them to both make smart decisions while also enjoying their favourite sport.

The Disadvantages Of AI

On the flip side of the coin, if we develop AI that is too good at predicting what’s going to happen, the betting industry would take a huge hit.

Experts aren’t so sure that AI would ever even get to that point – many believe that it’s impossible to predict exactly what’s going to happen during a game.

It’s difficult for a system to track a good player, because sometimes it’s not about how skilled a player is, but rather their positioning on the field, and how they best utilise the ball they receive, according to Adam Kucharski. Kucharski is a pioneer of modern sports betting and the technology behind AI, as well as author of The Perfect Bet.

That doesn’t mean that there aren’t other forms of information that an AI can track and use to make accurate predictions, however.

Much like doing hard research when putting down a wager, it’s often down to the performance of the player of a long period of time, whether they have any injuries, and how well the team works together.

Sports Betting in The Future

Kucharski also believes that right now, AI simply doesn’t have enough data to work with, as much of it is locked in online vaults.

If those vaults were opened, however, it may change the nature of sports betting forever.

Gearing Up for the 2019 Cricket World Cup


The highlight of the cricketing world has got to be the Cricket World Cup.  It is an international championship that is held every four years and is watched by millions of people around the world.  The first Cricket World Cup was held in 1975 in England and each team played 60 overs.

In 1987 for the first time the World Cup was held outside of England and the overs were reduced to 50 rather than the original 60.  Australia has won the World Cup three times in a row and is the first team to have done so.

Who is Hosting?

The 2019 Cricket World Cup will be hosted by England and Wales and the dates have been set for 30 May to 14 July 2019.  This will be the 12th edition of the World Cup, which is officially known as the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019.  England and Wales withdrew from the hosting bid for the 2015 World Cup and it was held in Australia and New Zealand.

The first 2019 Cricket World Cup match will kick off at The Oval and the eagerly awaited final is to be held at Lord’s.  This will be the fifth time the World Cup will be held in England and Wales.  England and South Africa will open the World Cup on the 30 May 2019.

Matches will be hosted at various venues including Old Trafford, Edgbaston, Hampshire Bowl, Trent Bridge, Cardiff Wales Stadium, Headingley, County Ground Bristol, County Ground Taunton and the Riverside.

How Will It Work?

There will be ten teams from around the world and every team will play the other nine teams.  The highest scoring four teams will then move on to the knockout stage of the Cup into the semi-finals and then onto the final.

There has been some criticism because there are only ten teams playing instead of the 12 test playing nations.  In 2017 Ireland and Afghanistan were admitted.  The 2019 World Cup will be the first where all the Test teams will not be playing.  Scotland and United Arab Emirates have been eliminated so there will also be no Associate members playing.

Teams chosen include England, the hosts, seven teams in the ICC One Day International Rankings who automatically qualify and two other teams decided by the 2018 Cricket World Cup qualifier.  The teams who will be playing in the 2019 World Cup are England, Australia, Bangladesh, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan and West Indies.

Betting Options

Predicting the winner of the World Cup is not easy and there will probably be many new players to get used to.  Betting is made much easier knowing which teams have qualified for the Cup and punters can look at how the various teams have performed throughout the season.

Their performance is a good indication of how ready they are for the World Cup.  Many Canadian mobile casino sites and bookmakers will already have their betting odds available, and together with the standard bets, there are also various prop bets.

NBA Betting

NBA Betting In New Zealand

These days New Zealand NBA fans and NBA betting fans are certainly not spoilt for choice when it comes to placing wagers online.  NBA fans in New Zealand are bound to have their favourite team to bet on and they can choose from either the Western or Eastern teams for NBA betting activities.

Teams In NBA Betting


Atlanta Hawks

Brooklyn Nets

Boston Celtics

Chicago Bulls

Cleveland Cavaliers

Detroit Pistons

Miami Heat

Indiana Pacers

Milwaukee Bucks

Orlando Magic

New York Knicks

Toronto Raptors

Philadelphia 76ers

Washington Wizards


Dallas Mavericks

Golden State Warriors

Denver Nuggets

Houston Rockets

Los Angeles Lakers

Los Angeles Clippers

Memphis Grizzlies

New Orleans Pelicans

Minnesota Timber Wolves

Oklahoma City Thunder

Phoenix Suns

Sacramento Kings

Portland Trail Blazers

Utah Jazz

San Antonio Spurs

Type of Bets Available Online

As with all online sports betting NZ, NBA betting offers a wide range of bet types to Kiwi punters. The NBA season runs from late October each year to mid-June, and provides many games to bet on.

Points Spreads Betting – a point spread is the most common type of bet in NBA.  Usually you can bet on both team at -110 (e.g. bet $110 to get a winning of $100).  The discrepancy between both of the teams is made up by a handicap of points. A typical points spread line looks something like this: Team X -5.5 versus Team Y +5.5.  If you chose Team X then they must win the game by a minimum of six points for you to score. If you selected Team Y instead, you will win if team Y either wins outright or if they lost by five or less points. The benefits of this type of betting are that underdog bettors have an opportunity to bet on their team and have some extra points as a form of insurance.

Parlays – this type of NBA betting option is when you select two or more teams, and all of the teams that you picked must win their match to ensure you a winning wager.  The more legs that you add to your parlay (or sides) the bigger the payout is if all of your legs win their matches. Obviously though these are more risky bets to play, but the winning options are much higher.  Parlays are advised for NBA betting fans who really know the NBA teams and players well.

Money Line NBA Betting – for New Zealand punters who don’t want to use the point spread type of bets they are able to bet on basketball money line instead.  On the money line (which is the most favoured form of betting on other sports), you would see options like this: Team X -130, i.e. bet $130 to win $100 versus Team Y +110, i.e. bet $100 to win $110.  This is a great option for punters who are sure that their team will win, but in cases where they are hesitant to give up any points on a points spread, and also underdog bettors that are super confident in their team winning straight will be able to get a superior price than they could have gotten on a points spread system.

The Ultimate Guide to eSports Betting


It may have taken a while to enter mainstream popularity, but competitive video gaming – or eSports – is now firmly established as a legitimate sport. The industry has demonstrated and maintained remarkable growth in recent years and there’s no sign of its slowing any time soon.

There has also been a marked increase in eSports betting thanks to increased exposure and this branch of sports betting is no longer considered a niche market. If you’re looking to get started with eSports betting, there are a few things that should be considered and a few hot tips you’ll need to be set on the path to success.

Factors to Consider Ahead of Betting

Just like any form of sports betting, eSports betting requires careful consideration and plenty of research should be done ahead of getting started. The following are just a few of the factors you should consider before placing your first eSports wager.

  • How much do you know about eSports?
  • How much do you know about sports betting generally?
  • Are you participating for fun or profit?
  • How much are you prepared to spend?

If you’re in two-minds about any of the above questions, you need to go back to the drawing board. eSports betting shouldn’t be considered as any different from other types of sports betting and you wouldn’t place a football or tennis wager without ever having watched a match.

A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started

Once you’ve done your research – much like finding the best NRL Premiership odds – and have definitive answers to the above questions, it will be time to get started. Fortunately getting started it the simplest process of all and is only a 4-step process.

Step 1: Decide on a Budget

Never spend more than you can afford.

Step 2: Find a Top-Notch Sports Betting Site

Do plenty of research and sign up with a reliable sports betting website which offers a wide range of eSports betting markets.

Step 3: Decide on Your Market

Decide on which games to focus on as there are plenty of options. The most popular markets are Dota 2, Overwatch, League of Legends, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, and Starcraft II.

Step 4: Place Your Wagers

The moment you’ve been waiting for! Make a prediction and place your first eSports wager.

Types of eSports Wagers

As the popularity of eSports betting grows, so do the options for the types of wagers available to choose from. Here are the most popular types of eSports betting wagers.

  • Match Winner: the most popular type of eSports wager – simply predict which team will win a match
  • Outrights/Futures: ahead of major tournaments you’ll be able to select the team you think will win the tournament outright
  • Totals: a prediction on whether the final score will be above or below the line set by the bookmaker
  • Correct Score: a prediction on what the exact final score of a match will be
  • Specials/Props: wagers on events that happen within a match, which may or may not affect the final outcome

Good luck!

What America’s New Sports Betting Law Means for Gamblers

In America the Supreme Court has recently canned the Professional And Amateur Sports Protection Act – or PASPA as it has become known.

This means that states across the US can decide for themselves whether or not they want to offer sports betting, as it is no longer illegal.

This ruling could have a huge impact on gamblers, on league sports like the NFL and NBA and on college sports too, so we’ve had a look at what the implications for all could be.

Removing the Stigma

Even prior to the abolishment of the PAPSA ruling sports betting has been around, but it has gone underground and perhaps has earned itself an undeserved reputation for being a bit shady.

By legalising betting the US Supreme Court has opened the doors for legal, licensed establishments to get in on the action, and thus legitimise the process. In the past, bettors may have had to take risk when betting, especially online, but now, they can do so with confidence.

A Lot More Opportunity

Now, bettors will be able to wager on anything, at any time, just like they could if they were signed up at a Canadian mobile casino. While there have been fantasy leagues that Americans could bet on, now they can wager on real games, and even place wagers in real time if desired.

Thanks to the online arena betting will be easier than ever, and with multitudes of markets, punters can put money down on just about anything they please.

There may also be a knock on effect for spectatorship numbers, as if people are allowed to bet on a specific sport, they are more likely to watch it. The more people watching, the better the opportunities are for marketing, and those who advertise during games will be thrilled with all the extra eyes watching.

The economy could also get a boost, as local businesses will have to pay tax, and there may be a greater need for staff. Aside from the land base bookmakers and totes, there may also be an online boom, and this could also give employment figures a boost.

A Potential Boom

With the legalisation of betting there may well be a boom in activity, and new online bookmakers may appear, alongside old favourites who suddenly have a whole new market to tap in to.

The more sportsbooks there are, the bigger the competition to attract customers and this could lead to better odds for all, increases in free bets, promotions and bonuses and a whole of other benefits. If competitor increases then shopping around a bit could well benefit punters and the sportsbooks will still benefit regardless, as they’ll still get the vig on every wager.

There’s also the opportunity for bookmakers to offer an increased number of markets for each sport, as those who will be betting will have a greater interest and may want to put money down on prop bets that are a bit different to the norm. The scope for growth here is enormous, and it’s up to bookmakers to cash in.

CS:GO betting predictions

CS:GO Betting Predictions; Advice and Free Bets

CS:GO betting predictions are becoming more sought after thanks to how much more mainstream this type of wagering is becoming, available now on the majority of the larger professional tournaments and leagues. Those who are interested in this enjoyable pastime should know that it pays to be smarter and more calculated with their investments, and CS:GO betting predictions can help bettors do just that.

Finding Good CS:GO Betting Predictions

There are a number of different websites which make updated CS:GO betting predictions available to those interested in them on a regular basis, most usually from an in-house analyst that studies the trends and provides the tips and previews for pro-scene events. It is always recommended that gamblers take advantage of the free bets that these sites make available if at all possible, and use the CS:GO betting predictions given in order to ensure these are successful –using complimentary wagers allows players to gain an edge and help them boost their bankrolls with no requirement that they risk their own hard-earned cash in order to do so.

There are many sites that allow for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting processes nowadays, with commercial bookmakers leaping into the fray thanks to how popular this pastime is becoming. Thanks to the fact that these sportsbooks are always on the lookout for ways to attract new punters, there are many different welcome bonuses provided, and free bets can easily be enjoyed by those who know where to look.

Betting Options for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

There are a number of different markets for bettors making use of CS:GO betting predictions to lay wagers on, and these options include:

  • Match Winner, or Moneyline bets
  • Handicap bets
  • Map betting
  • Handicap Map betting
  • Total Map betting
  • Correct Map Score bets
  • Outright Winner bets
  • Group Winner bets

The Counter-Strike: Global Offensive pro-scene is an extremely active one, and punters can look forward to weekly tournaments; leagues; and majors that serve to attract the most excellent teams anywhere on the globe.

Punters who wish to make smart wagers need to know as much as they can about both the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive teams and the players who make up these teams. It is advised that, whenever possible, they watch the matches taking place, as this is the only way that it is possible to learn about the teams’ and players’ strengths and weaknesses, as well as the worst and best maps on which the action is taking place.

Punters who make a point of watching these and getting to know the participants will very quickly notice that their CS:GO betting predictions gain accuracy: very soon they will be able to rely less on statistics and far more on the personal knowledge that they have gained by the continuous exposure to the game. Even those individuals who struggle to find the time to watch entire matches can make sure they remain on top of the changing information by checking in on the daily results as they are published, and will thus be able to gain a far deeper understanding of the action as a whole when they put this kind of effort in to the preliminary processes of betting on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive matches.

Live NRL

Live NRL Thrills

The Australian National Rugby League, often just called the NRL, has a proud history that began when it was established in 1994. Watching a League match at a stadium, surrounded by other enthusiasts, is a dream come true for most fans and patriots. Betting on the outcomes can add an even deeper layer of satisfaction, as this requires serious investigation and analysis of teams and players.

Live NRL Action Anywhere

In the busy world of today, getting to the arenas or land-based bookies isn’t always easy, but telecommunications have really bridged this gap. Now fans can access the action as it unfolds from no matter where they are when it happens. Within Australia, every live NRL game is broadcast via radio and television channels. Free-to-air television broadcasts can be watched on Channel 9, while subscription broadcasts are aired on Fox Sports. Several radio stations also host the live games, including ABC1, 2GB and Triple M, which can be especially convenient for those who are commuting during the action. For Australians travelling abroad, or anyone else further afield, there are often local channels airing NRL games live.

For those who have a solid internet connection, live streaming is a good way to catch the games on desktop and mobile devices. Official Digital Passes that give fans access to a Live Match Centre to replay game highlights at any time and access to every game as it is played are available from the National Rugby League website.

Live NRL Action

One of the most enjoyable aspects of watching games in stadiums is the atmosphere, and being able to discuss the action with other enthusiasts. Using radio and internet channels allows everyone to experience this, with radio telephone lines and online chatrooms. Interacting with others makes the games come alive, and can help fans to gain more understanding into the NRL and its players.

Live NRL Wagers

This understanding and insight can be used when placing wagers on NFL online betting games as well, especially the in-play or live bets that are made as a game unfolds. These punts allow bettors to start with a strategy and then stick to it if it seems to be working, or change it if it does not, to compound winnings or recoup losses. Having community forums to get input from immediately helps to develop understanding and refine strategy, and should make these live bets more fruitful. This should actually help with other wagers as well, especially as punters spend more time in these discussions and get more involved.

Other Advantages

For fans who can’t get to NRL arenas, watching them or listening to them while they are happening is the next best thing and can be almost as enjoyable. Accessing the games this way also means that the rest of daily life can happen at the same time, and that there is a much wider pool of enthusiasts and experts to discuss events with and get advice from. The alternative live NRL channels that are available today are a modern way to experience traditional action.

New Zealand Racing Board

The New Zealand Racing Board

The New Zealand Racing Board was established under the Racing Act of 2003 to promote the racing industry and maximise its profits in the country, and to operate the Totaliser Agency Board or TAB. This is the only bookmaker legally allowed to offer park-mutual bets, which is how the New Zealand Racing Board earns its revenue.

The Racing Board broadcasts events over TAB Trackside Radio, and over 2 television channels called TAB Trackside 1 and TAB Trackside 2. Through this communication and all of its other functions and duties, it serves to develop New Zealand horse racing in every way.

New Zealand Racing Board Functions

The Board is required to promote wider ownership of greyhounds and racehorses, schedule the racing calendar to maximise its profits and promote best practice at racing events and amongst clubs. It must also improve race day events atmosphere, upgrade and develop racing venue facilities and improve the industry’s technology and efficiency.

These objectives are achieved by managing TAB wagers and sports betting NZ channels efficiently, funding the racing industry through TAB profits and acting as the central co-ordination point for the 3 racing codes of New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing, Harness Racing New Zealand and New Zealand Greyhound Racing.

Under the Racing Act and its associated Regulations, the Board is also required to support and develop responses to gambling addiction issues. This is done through reports on programmes that relate to problem gambling and giving advice, information and training on dealing with problem gambling. The Board takes a very proactive stance regarding these issues, and initiatives include self-exclusion programmes, staff intervention policies, control tools like maximum bet and loss limits and workshops designed to increase the understanding of problem gambling in drug addicts.

New Zealand Racing Board Governance

All business and other affairs are taken care of by the governing Board. There are 7 members in the Board; 1 representative from the 3 codes of harness, thoroughbred and greyhound racing mentioned above 3 independently appointed members and a Chairman.

There are 3 formally constituted Board Committees, which consider their relevant issues in detail and report back to the board. Each has a written charter detailing their membership, functions, operating and reporting procedures, and roles and responsibilities. Their structure and membership are reviewed every year as well.

The 3 Committees are the Dates, Audit and Finance and Compensation and Development Committees. The Dates Committee was established in accordance with Section 42 of the Racing Act and is required to determine the annual racing calendar. The Audit and Finance Committee looks after the Board’s financial reporting and risk management practices and the Compensation and Development Committee monitors and determines the evolution of the Board. This is achieved through regulating the reviews and remunerations of the Chief Executive and senior management team, and overseeing management development and succession planning.

Tight Organisation for a Bright Future

The New Zealand Racing Board is run like a well-oiled machine, and the world of racing continues to flourish under its stewardship. Its efficiency should ensure that racing in New Zealand keeps growing and prospering.

Top Online Sports Betting Opportunities

Winning Opportunities for Punters 

The top online sports betting sites provide opportunities for punters to place wagers on just about any sport that they like. In fact, new bettors will possibly be quite surprised by all the sports that are available. Of course there are some sports that have remained favorites for many years. Horse racing betting is definitely one of the top online sports betting options. There are numerous reasons why punters love betting on the horses.

Perhaps one of the biggest factors is that there are so many different types of bets available, each one with different odds. Whether you place a Win bet, a Place bet, or even a Trifecta or a Quinella, there is something to suit every type of punter. Before placing a wager, take some time to look at a few bookies and see what odds they are offering for each sport.

The bookies all try to compete with each other, and one way they do this is by offering more attractive bets to all punters. As such, it can certainly be worth your while to spend some time looking around before placing your bet. What will possibly happen is that you eventually find a site that you really like, and you will keep coming back to place wagers with a specific online bookie.

Top Online Sports Betting Options

There are other top online sports betting options available to all players. Sports like soccer, the NBA, the NFL, and even tennis, provide some great opportunities. Punters can bet on their favorite player, they can wager on the outcome of a certain fixture, or even wager on who will win a tournament or league. Some of the top online sports betting NZ sites will focus on certain sports while others will be open to any sport you are interested in.

Take soccer for example. Punters can place wagers on local fixtures, on big international fixtures, or even on some of the more popular leagues, like the English Premiership for instance. The Soccer World Cup comes around every four years or so, and this big international tournament provides some excellent betting opportunities. The odds can be very attractive, and can provide some chances for any punter to win really big. If there is a certain sport that you are a huge fan of, and that you are highly knowledgeable about, then consider placing a bet and discovering how exciting this pastime can really be.

Security at Top Online Sports Betting Sites

When picking a top online sports betting site, find out about what safety and security features the bookie has in place. You will probably have to enter some personal details on the site, and you should be sure that these will not get into the wrong hands. In addition, you will need to make a deposit into your virtual account, and you will probably also like to withdraw some of your winnings at some stage. It is very important that the best online bookies have good systems in place to ensure that all of these online transactions remain safe and secure for all of their punters.