Understanding horse racing bets

Understanding Horse Racing Bets

Horse racing is one of the most wagered upon sports in online betting. Many bettors in New Zealand have been making use of this form of sports betting for quite some time and have been able to receive massive payouts because of it. Horse racing is more than just betting on which horse will win a race, it is a culture and comes with its own community that are very active online to help any bettor to make the best choices when betting on any race. This article will outline a few tips that a bettor in New Zealand can make use of in order to increase their chances of winning when betting on a horse race.

Digital information

Any bettor that wants to make use of the online sports betting sites in order to bet on the races will be exposed to a plethora of information that is available to them online. This information will prove very useful to any person that wants to win bigger and better. The information that is available online will include the horses that are in every race, as well as their race history. This will provide the bettor with an accurate prediction of how the race will play out. Bettors that monitor and use this information are more likely to win bigger with their bets.

Having a love for the races

More than just betting online, it is important for a bettor to love the races and to have a deep understanding of how the races and bets are structured. Not all horses and races will provide the same odds and this can change the payouts that will be received. Understanding the odds and how the bets are placed will provide a bettor with a much better opportunity to win big at the races.

Online sports betting sites

When a bettor wants to take part in online horse race betting, they are given an array of options to choose from when it comes to where they want to place their bets. Bettors that make use of the most popular and most loved sports betting sites in New Zealand will be given a much better betting experience than any bettor that makes use of a less popular site. Making use of a top rated online site will not only allow you as a bettor to enjoy the best benefits but will also provide you with a number of free bets and bonuses that will make your horse racing bets much better when you decide in October to try out Caulfield Cup betting.


So as we can see, any new bettor that wants to take part in the online world of sports betting and specifically the horse race betting can use these tips and tricks to win bigger. Being in the winning seat is more than just winning a few bets and any bettor in New Zealand is able to maximise the way that they win when they make use of the above tips to start their horse racing bets.

Free bets and bonuses explained

Free Bets And Bonuses Explained

Almost all sports books in New Zealand will offer some form of free bets or bonuses to encourage you as the bettor to either sign up or keep betting on their sites. Think of free bets or bonuses as a coupon that is used on the site, but instead of it being for a discounted product, it is in the form of a free bet. Now if you are like me, you would be a bit skeptical at first now that you know that these bonuses are marketing tactics. However, this can be used to your advantage, and this guide will dig deeper into what these bonuses entail as well as how to use them.

It takes money to win money

So before we dive into what free bets and bonuses are, lets look at how they can help you as a bettor. It takes money to win money, this is the basis of online sports betting, not only in New Zealand, but globally, in order to win big, you need to bet big. This is the first advantage that these free bets and bonuses will grant any sports bettor. These bets can act as a padding to your bankroll and allow you the opportunity to make bigger bets on these sites, especially for racing season in October that starts with the Caulfield Cup betting action. The added padding will cost you nothing but may grant you a massive payout in the end.

Free bets

Free bets are exactly as they would appear, they are free bets that are given to the bettor to place on whichever sports they so choose, these bets have no risk to the bettor as they are being provided by the online sports betting site. These are good to use for any bettor that wants to try out an online betting site or for any person that wants to make their first bet to find out how online betting works.


Bonuses are not vastly different from free bets at any of New Zealand’s top online sports betting platforms. However these are offered to bettors throughout their betting experience and are usually unlocked when a bettor performs an action or achieves a certain goal. The most popular bonus that is available to all bettors in New Zealand is the sign up bonus, this is granted to a any person that signs up with the online betting site and will differ from site to site.

Tips and tricks to remember

It is important for any bettor to remember that no all sites offer the same value when it comes to free bets and bonuses, often times these bets will come with their own odds such as the bettor will only receive the payout of the profited amount and not the initial amount should the free bet be successful. The top online betting sites in New Zealand will have these terms and conditions freely available for any bettor to read. Making use of free bets and bonuses is the best way for any bettor to make their bets last longer and go further.

online casino sign up

Hong Kong Online Casino Guide

In terms of online gambling, Hong Kong is probably one of the most well-known places in the world, with a large number of residents taking interest in various forms of casino gaming.

The choice to play their favourite casino games online has proved to be the most popular amongst players living in Hong Kong, as well as those simply visiting the country. With thanks to some excellent, internationally regulated online casinos, players in Hong Kong have access to some fantastic and entertaining gambling opportunities.

With so many options available, it is simply a matter of players putting their first online casino sign up into motion to begin their online gambling journey.

Online Casino Sign Up in Hong Kong

There are numerous benefits when it comes to an online casino sign up in Hong Kong, from the amount of convenience that comes with online and mobile play to the opportunity to receive online casino sign up bonuses.

The revolutionary technology that is seen today has ultimately given players the opportunity to play from just about anywhere they please, as long as they have a working internet connection. Moreover, with players from all over the world being able to play at any time they like, more and more online casinos have joined the online slots Sri Lanka world and each with their own way to draw in new clientele.

One such method is through online casino sign up bonuses and promotions, where a casino will sometimes offer players a match deposit bonus or sometimes even a no deposit bonus.

Choosing a Casino

It may be a difficult task to choose which casino to play at with so many available and offering great sign up bonuses, which is all the more reason to get particular about what it is that wanted out of the casino, and while it may change from player to player there are certain thing every player should look out for.

An online casino sign up worth making is one that is with an establishment that offers excellent service, from banking to having 24-hour customer support. The promotions and bonuses are obviously a great thing to consider before registering with one casino but security checks are absolutely vital.

The best casinos will have excellent security and will openly display its certificate that has been obtained from independent auditors such as eCOGRA, UK Gaming Commission and the Malta Gaming Authority. Other things to consider include the variety of games on offer and whether the customer support lives up to its promise. This information can be obtained from various reviews that can be found online.

Accepted Payment Methods in Hong Kong

Many players will worry about the payment methods that are available after an online casino sign up, and it is certainly a worry to consider as there are certain casinos that will only accept certain methods of payment.

Players in Hong Kong will find that most of the available online casinos will accept both Visa and MasterCard, while some will also accept country-specific cards. Many players today will agree that the best option for many is to use prepaid cards or e-wallets, which are also widely accepted.

Most Popular Online Casino Games

Most Popular Online Casino Games

Everyone seems to have opposing views as to what the most popular online casino games in Hong Kong are, but we think we have whittled it down to the 4 definite favourites.  They are covered in further depth here and while we havent included real money slots as one, you can take it as a given that this is the most popular.

Baccarat Casino Games In Hong Kong

Do you think that baccarat is one of the most popular online casino games in Hong Kong? We certainly do! Very popular both in Macau and online, it has been amongst the most popular Chinese and Hong Kong casino games for a long time.  This table game has many reasons why it is so popular in Hong Kong, but we think that because of its high stakes and being a high risk card game it appeals to Hong Kong players who need to burn off steam from very busy working lives! Baccarat was first played in France in the 19th century, but is now played worldwide.

There are three main variants of this game.  Punto banco or North American baccarat is completely a game of chance.  Baccarat chemin de fer (also known as chemmy) and the well known baccarat banque (also a deux tableaux) are both versions of the game where skill is definitely a part of determining the outcome of the game.

Sic Bo Casino Games In Hong Kong

Sic bo originates in China, and means ‘precious dice’.  It is a game of chance which is really a part of China’s national identity.  So popular is this game in Hong Kong, that we think it definitely is one of the most popular online slots casino games available to Hong Kong players. Sic bo is played with 3 dice, betting on the outcome of the three dice when rolled.

Pai Gow Casino Games In Hong Kong

A Chinese domino based game that has been played by people in Hong Kong and China for at the very least a millennium, it is without a doubt one of the most popular online casino games available to players in Hong Kong and across the world today. There is also a poker version of pai gow, but the traditional domino game is the most popular version.  Pai gow entails adding up the total on the dominoes to work out the scoring.  You drop the first 1 in any double digit score.  The highest hand you can get is 9 in this game.

Mahjong Casino Games In Hong Kong

Again this game uses dominoes and is a without a doubt one of the most popular online casino games in Hong Kong, if not in all of Asia. It has similarities with the European game rummy and each player gets a hand of thirteen of the tiles.  Usually there are four players, and they will battle it out in the hope of getting a meld (four tiles) or alternatively a head (two tiles).  There are many variations of this most popular online casino games that Hong Kong players can choose from when looking for hours of entertainment, and the option of winning great money to take home.

Pirates Gold Deluxe

Playing the Pirates Gold Deluxe Game

Pirates Gold Deluxe is a classic video slots game offering players numerous rewarding winning combinations and bonus games. It was designed and developed by Net Entertainment (NetEnt).

The game offers players five reels, three rows, and nine pay lines to play on. It is a modern game with a very classic design, harking back to a classic pirate theme.

The coin value is set at ten coins, and the max bet option lies at ninety coins, if players choose to activate all of the nine pay lines available.

The Pirate and Adventure Theme

The theme of the Net Entertainment Pirates Gold Deluxe video slots game, as its name might suggest, focuses on the wold of adventure and pirates.

The background and reel design of the game mirror this pirate theme. The reels are depicted in a wooden casing, above which lie the game’s logo and a pirate.

The symbols of the Pirates Gold Deluxe video slots game also depict the theme, and players will encounter classic pirate icons such as cannons, shells, ships, swords, parrots, pirates, rings, jewels, and a skull and crossbones icon.

The symbols of the game are not animated, but they will flash every time players land a winning combination.

The Enemy Ship Bonus Game

The Pirates Gold Deluxe video slots game offers players two rewarding bonus games. The Enemy Ship bonus game is one of them.

When players land three or more pirate symbols on an active pay line, the Enemy Ship bonus game will be automatically triggered. Here, players will be presented with an enemy ship, and their goal is to fire at it and sink it. In the middle of the playing screen, players will see their weapon of choice, an old-school cannon. They can control this cannon by the use of three buttons underneath the cannon, two depicting arrows that allow players to move the cannon, and one marked with a skull to fire the cannon. The ship will move across the field and players will have to aim for it and fire the cannonball.

During this bonus round, players can win ten, fifty, or one hundred times their original bet. If they manage to hit the enemy ship containing the golden key, players will automatically be taken to the Pirates Gold Deluxe second mobile pokies no deposit bonus game.

Help the Parrot Bonus Game

The second bonus game in the Pirates Gold Deluxe video slots game is the Help the Parrot bonus game. In this bonus game, players will have to help the game’s parrots open one of the five depicted treasure chests. Again, players will encounter three buttons to help them manoeuvre around. Two of these buttons contain arrows, which will allow players to select the treasure chest they wish to open. The third button depicts a key, and clicking on this one will open the treasure chest.

During the Help the Parrot bonus game, players can win one hundred, two hundred, five hundred, or one thousand times their total bet.

Pirates Gold

Pirates Gold Slot Review

Pirates Gold is a five reel, three row and five single payline title developed by Net Entertainment Inspired by the developers classic slot titles, Pirates Gold emulates a realistic slot machine situated in a and based casino.


The machine itself is the sole focus, with the background providing subtle triggers that accomplish the loo and feel of a land based casino environment. The reels in Pirates Gold are diminished in comparison to other titles available.

The slots layout is simple and easy to navigate through. The buttons feature standard slots options, which makes wagering customization options available to players opting for a more strategic approach.

Pirates Gold is more than meets the eye, at first glance the slot seems minimalist and understated, playing Pirates Gold reveals a combination of modern slot characteristics combined with classic slot game play.

The graphics and reel symbols are basic and cartoon like. The game play is smooth and frame rates run without any distracting lag times. Pirates Gold slot is an entertaining offering from Net Entertainment that incorporates more than meets the eye in the form of a extra bonus feature, which keeps the slot keyed up.

Pirate Gold Reel Symbols

Themed around a pirate captain who can be seen clutching golden jewellery just above the reels and his faithful companion a green parrot, set to tackle the ocean one a wave at a time. Pirates Gold symbols include graphics themed around boot strapping, loot loading high seas adventures.

The reels symbols include a skull and crossbones pirate flag, a wooden treasure chest, a parrot popping in, a cutlass, a golden ring encrusted with a ruby red stone, a cannon, a shell and a golden coin featuring the Pirates Gold main character.

Bonus Symbol

Pirates Gold makes use of a bonus symbol, a clever feature that is unnoticeable at first glance. The gold coin complete with the Pirates Gold main character represents the bonus symbol in Pirates Gold slot title. Players should remove their eye patches when spinning the reels and be on the lookout for the gold coin, as it will trigger the bonus feature of the slot.

Pirates Gold Bonus Feature

Landing a lucky spin featuring three Pirates Gold coins will trigger the bonus round of the slot.

Once the bonus feature initiates, players will be automatically prompted to an alternative game. In this phase you will need to align your cannon just right to shoot and destroy other ships passing by the island.

The game will now redirect you to a winnings total screen. If your sinking blow in the previous phase was lucrative enough you will be awarded with the golden key and automatically advanced to the next phase of the bonus game making it one of the best online pokies in Australia. If you are not lucky on this attempt and no golden key is found, the feature will end and you have the possibility to try again by retriggering the bonus feature.

If players have received the golden key, the next phase will begin. The parrot will snatch the golden key and fly away. Players will need to guide the parrot to one of five lucky treasure chests. Each chest will reveal random prize winnings.

Pinocchios Fortune

Playing Pinocchios Fortune

The Pinocchios Fortune video slots game is based on the popular classic, Pinocchio, the puppet who dreamed of becoming a little boy. 2×2 Gaming converted this classic tale into a video slots game, taking players on a trip down memory lane into the adventures of Pinocchio.

The game offers its players five reels and thirty pay lines to play on while enjoying some NZ blackjack casino games in a separate window.

Bringing the Theme to Life

The Pinocchio theme is evident in all aspects of the Pinocchios Fortune video slots game. The background elements and playing screen appear to be carved out of wood, with crafted wooden ornaments and the like decorating the playing area. The background scenery depicts trees and leaves to remind players of the forest where Pinocchio first came to life.

The graphics and imagery are well-designed and of a high quality.

The symbols also reflect the wooden puppet theme, and draw heavily on the original tale. Players will encounter symbols such as the characters of Pinocchio and Gepetto themselves, as well as a few other iconic symbols such as a golden key, books, a pool ball, and Gepetto’s house.

Wild Symbol Bonuses

The wild symbol in Pinocchios Fortune video slots game is represented by the character of Pinocchio himself. The wild symbol operates as per usual in that it can substitute any of the other symbols on the reels, thereby helping players make up winning pay lines and form the highest possible winning combinations with the top pay outs.

In addition, landing five Pinocchio wild symbols in a row on an active pay line will reward players with a credit pay out bonus of one thousand coins. When this happens, players will also benefit from a sort of cascading reels function, in that most symbols on the playing screen will vanish, giving players more chances to win prizes without having to make use of another paid-for spin.

Find Gepetto Bonus Round

The fairy symbols are the key to the Pinocchios Fortune bonus round. If players manage to land three fairy symbols, this will automatically trigger the Find Gepetto special bonus round. Here, players need to spin a wheel in order to reveal prizes such as cash pay outs and multipliers.

Pinocchio Close-Up Scatter Symbol

The icon depicting a close-up of Pinocchio’s face operates as the scatter symbol of the Pinocchios Fortune video slots game. If players manage to land three or more of these close-up scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, this will trigger the Pinocchios Fortune free spins round.

Players will immediately be rewarded with twelve, sixteen, or eighteen free spins after they have landed the set scatter symbols, depending on whether they have landed three, four, or five close-up scatter symbols.

Players will be able to re-trigger even more free spins every time they land the close-up scatter symbols again. There is no limit to the number of times the free spins can be re-triggered.

In addition, every time the free spins round is triggered, Pinocchio’s nose will grow and players will be rewarded with fifteen bonus picks. Here they will be able to choose a certain number of boxes as given during the free spins round, with each box containing a cash payout prize.


Pimped Online Video Slot

Pimps, beautiful ladies, the lifestyle of the loaded and big bonuses are in store for those that choose to play the Pimped online video slot, with similarities between the lead character and the famous rapper, Snoop Dogg, beyond uncanny.

This 5-reel slot game can be played with up to 10 paylines in play and comes with a handful of bonus features that promise to get players closer to big wins, including wilds, scatter pays, free spins and an additional gamble feature that can be accessed throughout the game.

Free and demo versions of this slot are widely available, with casinos (both online and mobile) around the world offering players the chance to get rich with Pimped.


It is safe to say that the Pimped online slot will appeal to those that enjoy playing slots that reminds them of the wealth that they are ultimately in search of, but there is more to the theme than the concept of fortune.

This particular slot game will attract younger players that appreciate the hip-hop scene that has essentially emerged over the last 40 years, with the slot dressed in platinum and gold and the reels set against the living room of a luxurious penthouse apartment that looks over an incredibly lit city skyline.

Graphics and Display

The Pimped online slot game has been developed especially well, using top-quality animations and graphics to bring more life to this already HD slot.

Attention to detail is obvious, with the actual symbols holding their own animations, dollar notes floating down the reels at the start of the game and the Pimped logo continuously shimmering through gameplay.

The buttons that allow players to control the game have even been designed with a few extra touches, framed in gold and connected by a gold chain.

Pimped Slot Symbols

The symbols are all pretty exciting in themselves, displaying their very own animation as they appear in a winning combination. There are main symbols, symbols with lower values and bonus symbols that hold extra abilities.

Higher value symbols start with the Snoop Dogg lookalike, followed by another pimp-like character that resembles a typical 90s rapper in a fedora, 2 babes, a pimp watch and a roll of cash, whereas lower value symbols display A, K, Q, J and 10 lined in platinum and gold.

The wild symbol displays a pimp ring that appears to smash through some glass in its individual animation effect, while the scatter displays a large gold dollar sign.

Free Spins Bonus Feature

The Pimped slot includes a free spins bonus feature that can be activated if a player lands 3 or more of the dollar sign scatter symbols anywhere on the reels.

Players will then receive just 5 free spins, however, each spin will guarantee a win. With each scatter symbol that a player lands comes another 2 free spins up to a maximum of 20 free spins.

Gamble Feature

By clicking the gamble button after each and every win, players will open up the chance to double or quadruple their win made from a combination on an active payline.

Players simply need to correctly guess the colour of the next card to double their win, or determine the suit of the next card to quadruple it.

Piggy Riches Touch

Guide to Piggy Richest Touch Mobile Slot

A wealthy porcine couple are the main characters in NetEnt’s Piggy Riches Touch. The video mobile slot has several bonus features, 15 paylines, and five reels.

The game is graphics-rich, with gilt framing and wads of cash around the reels. It also has a range of appropriate sound effects, and the interface has been designed for maximum ease of play on smartphones and tablets.

All the game settings and betting options are on a separate screen, which is accessed by swiping. This means the main screen is dominated by the reels.

Methods of Playing Piggy Riches Touch

Piggy Riches Touch is available in no download and in downloadable format. It can be play on a range of mobile devices.

The slot’s no download format is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry devices, on which it can be played in browser. The game’s downloadable form is that of casino apps for Android and iOS devices.

What’s On the Piggy Riches Touch Reels

The Piggy Riches Touch reel symbols have all been designed to portray either the main characters or to display their wealth. Even the lower value playing card symbols weren’t spared the Midas touch.

The rich pigs are the two bonus symbols. The higher value symbols include bags of gold coins and jewels, two gold credit cards, a key to a pig version of a Rolls Royce, a purse bursting with banknotes, and a piggy bank.

The lower value symbols are Ace, King, Queen, Jack, and Ace symbols encrusted or panelled with jewels, mahogany, ermine, and alligator skin.

Lady Pig Scatter Symbol

The Piggy Riches Touch Scatter is Lady Pig, dressed in green and holding a pink gift box. Her appearance on the reels could activate the mobile slot’s free spins round, which comes with multipliers.

The Scatters could also pay out Scatter wins. The symbols can pay and activate free spins from any position on the reels.

When three, four, or five Scatters appear, the free spins round will be activated. Players are given a choice of a number of free spins paired up with a multiplier.

For example, the available selection may include 22 free spins with a 2x multiplier, 14 free spins with a 4x multiplier, or 26 free spins with a 6x multiplier. An additional free spin is awarded every time a Scatter appears on the reels during the bonus round.

Lord Pig Wild Symbol

Top hat-wearing Lord Pig is the Wild symbol in Piggy Riches Touch mobile slot. In addition to being Wild, the symbol can also act as a multiplier.

The Wild can help other symbols form successful pay table combinations on the reels by substituting itself for what’s needed. It acts as a 3x multiplier when it helps complete a payout.

The only symbol for which the Wild cannot substitute is Lady Pig.

Bet Settings in Piggy Riches Touch

The Piggy Riches Touch bet settings accessed by swiping the main screen include coin value, bet level, and bet lines settings.

The coin value can be set between 0.01 and 0.50, and between one and 10 coins can be bet per line. The number of paylines brought into play can be set using the bet lines control.

The max bet button places the mobile slot’s maximum bet.

Free online casino gambling

Free Online Casino Gambling USA Options

Players from the United States of America who are looking to enjoy free online casino gambling should make a beeline for a good no deposit casino comparison site. These websites make it their business to keep online players up to date on the latest and best deals of this kind as they become available, and players are thus able to enjoy what is essentially free money to their heart’s content. No money down is required in order for players to start enjoying the game’s that the online casino has available, and holding onto any winnings that might be incurred is an offer US players find difficult to refuse.

Various Free Online Casino Gambling Offers

There are a number of different kinds of free online casino gambling no deposit bonuses that players from the United States of America are able to take advantage of, and these range from a standard credit being applied to a player’s account which will need to be played through in order to become available for cash out, to offers which provide free plays allowing players to amass hundreds of dollars of wins.

Other USA-player-friendly offers of this type include free entry to slots tournaments and special bonuses offered to players who deposit and play regularly at a particular casino. A good casino comparison site will provide players with a list of all of the different types in order to help them find one that best suits their needs.

US Players Love Free Online Casino Gambling

Thanks to the plethora of free online casino gambling offers that players from the USA are able to take advantage of, casino comparison sites are more popular than ever, since they help players sort through these and separate the wheat from the chaff.

The virtual venues making free online casino gambling offers available to players from the United States of America will all gladly accept US dollars alongside making a good assortment of different games available, including video poker; classic slots machine games; video slots games; bingo for money; scratchcards, and many more. Players will be able to enjoy a wide variety of different card games as well, and even niche entertainment not easily found elsewhere, whenever they wish to.

The manner in which these free online casino gambling no deposit offers are made available is most usually by means of a bonus code that players will be asked to enter in to the space provided at the virtual venue they have selected to spend some time at. The first step required will be to register for a real money player account, and, once this process has been completed, players will be able to make use of any and all parts of the welcome bonus provided them.

Players must bear in mind that there are always terms and conditions attached to these types of offers, in order to ensure that the casino making this money available is as protected as the player, and it is vital that they read through and are able to meet these in order to take advantage of the offer.