CS:GO Betting Predictions; Advice and Free Bets

CS:GO betting predictions are becoming more sought after thanks to how much more mainstream this type of wagering is becoming, available now on the majority of the larger professional tournaments and leagues. Those who are interested in this enjoyable pastime should know that it pays to be smarter and more calculated with their investments, and CS:GO betting predictions can help bettors do just that. Continue reading “CS:GO Betting Predictions; Advice and Free Bets”

Betting on The Tour de France

This year the Tour de France will take place from 7 to 29 July.  This race is the most well known cycling event on the sporting calendar and creates great excitement as the time draws nearer. The Tour de France is also a great betting opportunity.  Betting on those who seem to have no chance of winning will yield greater payouts and the odds are always much higher.

The betting odds for the Tour de France are forecast by analysts, but problems arise when the bettors skew the odds by always placing bets on the favourites even though the stats may show differently.  For the smart bettor this is a great opportunity to take advantage of the odds in their favour.

Types of Bets

There is a selection of bets when betting on the Tour de France or any other cycling event.  The standard markets such as straight bets are as easy as playing online pokies, and bettors bet on who the overall winner will be or the winner of a particular stage.  Other betting markets such as prop bets include more obscure bets in some cases such as if a cyclist may fall during the race or even silly bets such as how many naked people will be seen on the TV.  There are also parlays, which are a combination of bets and these offer increased payouts if won.

Other betting options include the winner of the mountain classification, leader of the points sprint, the winning time gap, who the stage winners will be, which cyclists will complete the whole tour or which cyclists will wear the coveted yellow jersey.  These are just a few options.  There are many online sites offering many betting options.

Tips for Tour de France Betting

When betting on any sport it is important to have good money management and putting aside a certain amount of money for betting.  Placing bets that pay out double or more are good odds but bets that are even should be avoided even if they look promising, as they do not have value.

Before the Tour de France starts bettors will be prudent to follow the cyclists.  Because the Tour de France starts in July the cyclists will be planning and training for six months already.  What most bettors do not consider is that not all of the cyclists are riding to win and this tour is a team effort and cyclists often strategize together to allow their best cyclist to win.  Their aim is to clear a path for their best cyclist by blocking rivals and opening the way.

If a cyclist takes part in the Giro de Italia it probably means that they are probably not the main rider of the team.  The Giro de Italia is a strenuous race and takes place only 30 days before the Tour de France.  If any cyclists take part in both tours betting on them to win the Tour de France is probably not a good betting option.

Beginner cyclists do not usually win, but may win stages now and again.  The favourites will usually take it slow at the start of the race and others will take the lead.  About half way through the race the favourite will take the lead and at this point bettors should be able to get some idea of how the tour will pan out.

With so many betting options the Tour is a great way to enjoy a popular sporting event and to make some extra money.

The Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 Overview

The Olympic Games is one of the oldest sporting events in the world, having first started during the times of the Ancient Greeks. The Greeks believed that physical fitness and training was one way to become closer to the gods, and so their best athletes spent years training hard to eventually try and have a chance at victory at the Games.

It’s an event that has persisted to this day, and the next summer Olympics are going to be taking place in Tokyo, Japan. The year of the event is 2020, meaning that there are just two years left before they begin, which will be from July to August in that year. Continue reading “The Tokyo Olympic Games 2020 Overview”

How to Spot a Scam Sports Betting Site

While the online sports betting industry has completely revolutionised the world of sports betting by offering a wide range of options for sites to choose from, it has not come without it’s downfalls.

Unfortunately many new punters turn to online sportsbooks owing to the ease of use and access, but many fall victim to scam sportsbooks who prey on the uninitiated. Here’s how to spot a dodgy sports betting site and avoid them at all costs. Continue reading “How to Spot a Scam Sports Betting Site”

4 Fitness Trends Making Waves in 2018

2018 is flying by, but it is definitely not too late to get fit and try out some of the hot fitness trends making waves this year. From DIY fitness to HIIT, this year is seeing more and more people getting fit in new ways.

Here are our top four fitness trends in 2018:

4. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT has already become a favourite amongst gym fans in the past few years, but 2018 is showing that there is no stopping this intense exercise regime.

The general rule of High Intensity Interval Training is exercise rounds of 30 minutes or less, going from to walking to high energy exercise and more. While this quick high energy form of exercise is great for blasting fat, a downside is the higher possibility of injury.

But if you join an excellent gym, with great instructors injuries will be avoided and fat will be gone!

3. Smart Training

Smart trackers may seem old news already, but the love for tracking our own fitness progress is not dying this year! With the many affordable smart tracking options now available, many more people will take up this trend this year, making fitness tracking entirely mainstream.

The trend for smart tracking fitness in 2018 is also moving on from smart watches to numerous other smart devices. Brands are investing big in tech this year, to stay ahead and get those loyal clients.

Everything is smart these days, from fitness to finding the best horse racing tips NZ has to offer, think smarter and use those online options!

2. Online Coaching

2018 is a busy year, and you are a busy person and getting to the gym is sometimes a little bit to hard to accomplish. Exercise apps are making a huge impact and many people pick this route instead of hitting the gym. But if you would like a personal trainer (it makes a huge difference to fitness) the big trend for 2018 is joining a gym class via video.

The aim video gym class is to skype your gym class, and get the personal trainer and gym class feel. This means you do not even have to leave your own home – you can shower at home and not get naked in front of strangers.

The great benefits of this are being able to exercise with attention from a trainer but avoiding some of the common excuses used for skipping gym (traffic is bad, classes don’t fir in your schedule, people are there etc)

These video gym classes not only are great because you are in your own home, you can have an instructor in your local gym or an instructor half way across the globe.

1. DIY Fitness

Okay, so people have been exercises for centuries by themselves without the use of a gym, but with the knowledge we have gained about health and fitness in the last century DIY fitness can actually make a great impact on your health.

Whether you download an app that offers you training options, or you have a trainer supply you a workout schedule, exercises on your own is growing trend in 2018.

Some of the most popular DIY exercise searches are things like 7 minute workouts, these quick exercises will not get you a six pack but they can get you healthy.

Think bigger than 7 minutes and incorporate other health trends like Smart Training and you can make a huge impact on your health all by yourself.

The Beginners Guide to Football Betting Terms

So you want to place a bet on a Football match – but where to start? A player’s first attempt at placing bets can seem a bit overwhelming or just plain confusing. What is an arbitage bet, why is a match now offboard and why is the probability of winning so low but the so odds high?

With all the terms and slang and information out there, placing a successful bet might seem improbable or just too risky. But if you do some basic research (and read this article) you can very quickly get started placing your bets.

So here is a quick explanation of what odds are and how they apply to a bet, and we explain some of the terms used when betting on Football.

May the Odds ever be in your Favour:

The Probability of winning a bet is entirely different from the Odds of winning a bet, but these two are often confused for each other. While the Odds and Probability are similar sounding, their actual application on a bet is very different.

Probability is a number between 0 and 1, with 0 meaning 0% chance an event will occur, and 1 meaning 100% chance the event will occur.

Odds show the ratio of probability of an event happening or not.

This is easily shown using a dice, as the known probability of rolling a six is 16.66%. The odds of you rolling a six, are one in six (six numbers on a dice) and the odds are then calculated as 5/1.

Football betting terms:

Accumulator bet – To win an accumulator, you need a series of individual bets and match results to happen in order to make a profit. These individual bets create the whole accumulator – and if one is lost – all is lost.

Arbitage bet –This bet is simply not putting all your eggs in one basket, so you spread your money across different bookmakers. So you are betting on both opponents playing, at different bookmakers to ensure you get some profit out of the match.

Banker Bet – This bet is usually placed on the known and obvious favourite to win a match which means money in the bank – but not that much.

Fixed Odds bet – The odds for this match have already been placed, so if you win, the profit you make can be guaranteed – your returns will not change.

Inplay Bet – this is simply placing bets while a match is currently in progress

Off board – Bookmakers will take games off the board (no further bets will be placed) if they suspect match fixing

Single bet – This is placing one simple bet on the outcome of a match to make a profit

Spread bets – This bet lets you spread the scoring range that your team wins by, so you can bet that Liverpool will beat Arsenal by less than 2 goals. So if Liverpool beats Arsenal 2-, you have won the bet.

So if you use our quick guide on Football betting, you will quickly be able to start out placing your first bets. But if the odds are still a mystery and the terms are too much, there are loads of betting apps that make placing you’re lucky bet easy and simple.

3 Famous Sports Betting Winners

Sports betting has seen a massive rise in popularity over the last few decades, and one of the reasons for this is the growth and expansion of the internet. When once sports betting was delegated to a dark alley, and handled by a sketchy bookie, it is now an easy and legal endeavour that can be done through a plethora of legitimate bookmakers from around the world.

Much like casino games, and any online casino no deposit wager, sports betting holds the potential to make anyone rich. All it takes is the right bet, a little bit of luck, and you could walk away with enough to never work again.

The fact is, however, that winning a bet of any substantial amount is difficult and rare, and of the millions of punters around the world that take out bets every year, only a handful every win, and even among them, its usually an unsubstantial amount.

This isn’t always the case, and over the years, there have been bettors that have won incredible amounts of money. These are not professional sports bettors, but instead every day men and women that just happened to make the right bet at the right time, making them not only rich, but legendary among sports betting circles.

3. Richard Hopkins

This English man won a staggering 165000 Pounds one day after betting that famous F1 driver Lewis Hamilton would win both the Formula 1 Grand Prix as well as a World Championship.

It was a bold wager, but what truly made it remarkable was that he made the bet when Hamilton was only 13 years old, long before he had even begun to establish himself as a professional driver.

Hopkins had noticed Hamilton’s talent when he would race go-karts with his son, and took out a total bet of 350 Pounds against odds of 1500, which turned out in his favour years later.

2. Nick Newlife

Roger Federer won Wimbledon in 2003, and a man by the name of Nick Newlife wasn’t happy that he hadn’t take out a bet on Federer at the time. To make up for this, Newlife decided to instead take out a 1520 Pound bet that Federer would win six more titles by the time 2019 came around, with odds of 66 to one.

It was a smart move, and Newlife’s bet ended up winning over 100000 Pounds, which was donated to Oxfam shortly after Newlife passed away some years later.

1. Mick Gibbs

In every day life, Gibbs was a professional roofer, meaning that he would construct and repair roofs around his hometown of Staffordshire. He was good at this job, but many didn’t realise that his skill with a roof was shared for a skill with sports betting.

Gibbs was particularly lucky when it came to accumulator bets, in which he won his first accumulator in 1999 of 157000 Pounds after a small 2.50 Pound bet.

His biggest win would come later in 2001, after Gibbs made a 30 pence bet on 15 football games, with odds of 1666666 to one. He would come out the other side of this bet half a million Pounds wealthier.

Maintaining A Sports Betting Budget


Keeping Track of Your Betting Money

We’ve all been there at some point: we accidentally put too much money down on our favourite team that we were absolutely sure were going to win; but they didn’t, and now we have to try and make do without that money.

It’s a situation that sports punters find themselves in far too often, and it can sometimes become a serious problem. Betting can be endless amounts of fun, but if left unchecked, it can quickly begin to eat into our monthly salaries.

The very best way to stave off losing money that we need is by creating a betting budget. Budgets are by no means a new concept, and should be used in just about every aspect of life. They make even more sense when it comes to betting, and not always for the sake of staving off taking out a bet that we really want.

Whether it’s betting on the latest horse race or even a little online blackjack Canada, these tips can help you enjoy the thrill of betting without breaking the bank.

Start With An E-Wallet

E-wallets are a punter’s best friend, and should be the first step a beginner should take when wanting to save money. E-wallets are virtual, online bank accounts that not only save our money, but allow us to deposit and withdraw money from sites all over the internet.

Their practical uses are almost endless, and thanks to how they interact with various sites, such as bookmakers, we can start to immediately save money.

When using a credit or debit card to make bets online, there will often be a hefty fee attached which can quickly ruin the experience for you. Many e-wallets completely negate these fees, meaning you can deposit and withdraw for free, or often at a hugely reduced price. Keep in mind that this is site-specific, and you’ll need to check with your bookie’s policies beforehand.

Use Time Wisely

This may seem obvious, but one of the biggest mistakes that punters make is not managing their time in a more efficient way. It’s easy to log into a bookie and begin betting on the first tennis or rugby game you come across, but this can only end badly.

Setting certain weekly or monthly allowances means that you will be able to make the bets you want, but in a more structured way, and if you run out money from that allowance, then you will need to wait until the next week.

It can be frustrating, but it forces you to instead learn which bets are better value and when to use your money and when not to.

Find The Right Bookie

This is extremely important, and can make or break your punting activities. Bookmakers online come in all shapes and sizes, and while there are plenty of legitimate ones out there, there are just as many looking to take you for a ride.

Read through reviews, check policies, make sure there is solid customer support, and always check that the bookie you want to bet through is doing everything legally and above the board.